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Discovering the Advantages of Putting On Baby Onesies on Infants

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Discovering the Advantages of Putting On Baby Onesies on Infants

It is always an exciting time for parents and other family members when a baby is born. Even friends come to visit at the hospital to see the newborn. In the first few weeks, parents are preoccupied with all the things that need to be done for the baby. One of such is what to wear. Most parents would always choose baby onesies because of their convenience to both the baby and the mother. Apart from being aesthetically appealing to babies, it can provide enough room for the wearer to move around. That is why most mothers prefer it. 

What Are Onesies

It is a bodysuit or a one-piece design made of fabric meant for babies. Onesies come in various patterns but primarily follow a t-shirt design with a slight difference and can be closed below the crotch. It can be worn just like any shirt, while others use it as an undergarment, depending on the fabric. These are so comfy and convenient to wear for a newborn. Essentially, it is a combo of diaper and shirt for infants.


This type of clothing can be worn any time of the year, regardless of the weather. Some manufacturers make the bottom part into pants, skirts, or shorts. The size is tailored to accommodate the size of the diaper. It has an easy opening so parents or adults can quickly do a diaper change anytime, anywhere. Every baby clothes manufacturer has created unique forms of onesies to provide variety and to make it look like adult clothes but in tiny versions. These onesies are necessary to carry with you or leave them to a nanny if they need to change newborn’s clothes. 

When infants soil their diaper, the adult can remove it, slip a clean one and close it. It is an efficient and convenient way to make babies presentable and clean again.  Usually, whenever you are out in public, you do not have enough time to put on separate clothes. Since babies tend to move and fuss around, it’s tough to change their garments.


Buying infant clothes is fun, but you also have to be practical. It is impractical to buy all sorts of designs and a complete wardrobe when everyone is aware that babies hardly go out. They don’t have a full-packed schedule of events that require the use of so many clothes. Purchasing baby onesies is practical since it is like getting two for the price of one. Since they come in all forms, colors, and sizes, adults can get one of each but still end up paying for reasonable price. 

Low Maintenance

Because it is a bodysuit, you don’t have tons to wash. Regardless of how many times your baby needs to change, onesies will have a relatively lower number of pieces than separates. Furthermore, moms or adults don’t have so many clothes to fold and put back in the closet. It comes in handy, especially to bigger-sized families where there are other older kids to attend to. The clothes for bigger children will usually pile up and take a while to wash and store. Thus, onesies are helpful since they’re not increasing the number of pieces to be folded.

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