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Clothes have no gender. This is one of the many slogans advocating for the change in the very rigid stereotypes of how men and women dress. From eyeliners to nail polish, to men in skirts and those wearing earrings/ ear cuffs, let’s celebrate Pride month by taking a look into some of the most commonly seen “feminine” clothing, accessories and makeup adopted by the male community and how they are absolutely slaying current trends, aesthetics and looks.  

With how black and white, or rather blue and pink, the expectations of “both” genders are perceived to be, anything that bleeds into the more purple (grey) area can be controversial. Controversial mostly for conservatives, as hordes of others, especially Gen Z-ers, have embraced this gender fluidity with their fashion choices. Although it is often certain trends on social media apps such as Tik Tok and Instagram that spotlight these changes, it is so much more than just a trend.

While many believe that men exploring what the world of women’s fashion has to offer to them is their “gay” side coming out, the reality is quite the contrary. It takes a certain level of confidence in one’s masculinity to be bold enough to follow your tastes and preferences without worrying about the backlash. It has been incredibly refreshing to see how many men worldwide have blossomed under the freedom to express themselves, and the acceptance towards men experimenting with what is considered a ‘woman’s domain’ has grown exponentially. 

Earrings, ear cuffs and other accessories 

Men wearing earrings have not been as uncommon as some of the other things on this list; however, this trend has evolved over the years. The early 2000s popularised wearing studs, usually just on one ear – iconic looks on celebrities such as David Beckham, and Usher, to name a few. This has not just changed to wearing earrings in both ears but has also included a more diverse variety of the choice of ear cuffs and accessories. 

Rings and chains have also seen a significant increase in popularity, with numerous fashion aesthetics centring around specific jewellery choices. 

Nailpolish and makeup 

One of the biggest trends to sweep the internet over the year or two is men painting their nails. What initially started as a goth/ e-boy look when their nails were painted black, many experimented with different colours, patterns, themes, and ultimately, even acrylic nails! 

Makeup has also become increasingly common amongst the male population, either in the form of a simple eyeliner or more elaborate looks involving the whole nine yards of foundation, lipstick etc. 

Men have also become confidently adventurous with their hair by dyeing them in more “feminine” colours, such as pastels and pinks. Pioneers in this area include stars such as James Charles, Bretman Rock, Brad Mondo, Benji Krol, etc. 

And finally, clothing! 

This is one of the most exciting things to have happened this year specifically. With megastars such as Harry Styles and Jacob Elordi gracing magazine covers in elegant dresses and gowns, looking absolutely amazing, to Billy Porter’s famous red-carpet appearances at the MET and Oscars, the once fine line between men and women’s clothing has become increasingly blurry. Just recently, a bunch of male Spanish teachers made headlines for choosing to wear skirts to work to show solidarity to a male student who had been reprimanded for doing the same. 

Cropped shirts, tight skirts, long flowy dresses, you name it, they’re wearing it. 

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