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Do you Need a Panic Alarm in your Home?

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Panic alarms are electronic devices designed to protect your home, and more importantly, your family. Technology in the home is advancing and SMART homes are becoming the latest trend.

Panic alarms alert the necessary services that there is an emergency in the home. Whether it be a break in, a fire, or a medical emergency, panic alarms can save the lives of you and your loved ones. Many security systems, such as an ADT security system, can have panic alarms installed into the system if the homeowner chooses. The benefit of a panic alarm over a standard alarm is that it is silent and quickly sends out signals to the necessary parties.


Benefits of Having a Panic Alarm in Your Home:

  • They Provide a Lifeline for the Elderly-¬†Panic alarms are great options for the sick and elderly. Many security systems come with options for portable panic alarms that can be worn by a person for easy access in the event of an emergency. If you have loved ones who are elderly and live on their own, a panic alarm is a great option that gives them independence- complete with¬†the security and peace of mind¬†that comes with¬†knowing help is just a button push away.
  • They Can Protect Your Home from Intruders-¬†There are a number of types of panic alarms you can have installed in your home. Some panic alarms are motion censored and are placed near entry ways such as doors and windows. When motion is detected, the authorities are instantly alerted without intruders being aware that they have been caught. Other types can be carried around with you and pushed in an instant- without even having to leave the room you are in, even if your security system is set up in a different room.
  • They are Silent-¬†The fact that panic alarms are silent is a huge benefit. Silent alarms that alert the authorities without the intruder knowing increase the chance of authorities catching the perpetrator. Also, you can set off your panic alarm in the event of a break in without drawing attention to yourself or your family. This can give you the precious¬†time you need¬†to find a safe place to stay until authorities arrive.
  • They Can Be¬†Easily Disguised-¬†Panic alarms can be disguised as pens, light switches, money clips, or under a desk so basically as almost anything. This prevents anyone but you and your family from knowing where the panic button is at any time. This also allows you to keep various panic alarms near you at all time- so that you can alert authorities without having to go to your main security system monitor.

When a panic alarm is installed as a part of a home security system, such as an ADT security system, it is often placed in a convenient spot that can be triggered by the homeowner, releasing a silent signal that summons the authorities. Other types of alarms are available, such as personal panic alarms (typically used by the elderly). Panic alarms can be disguised as almost anything, so as to only be apparent to the owners of the security system. Don’t catch yourself unprotected, opt to install¬†a panic alarm as soon as possible¬†and protect your home and all your loved ones.

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