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Do You Use Data Centres In Your Business?

by Soft2share.com

A data centre can be a very good investment for your business in more ways than one, first let’s jump in and explain what a data centre is! A data centre is basically a giant warehouse with up to half a million computers stored within its air conditioned walls, they are stored in racks of up to 50 and they are called rack mount servers.


The image above is a rack mount with 5 data centre servers stored within it, you can also see the hard drives on the left hand side down down in two rows, this is where all of the storage comes from! Now imagine this timesed by thousands upon thousands of servers, you will be looking at hundreds of millions of GB’s, literally! Also, You can check: 4d-dc.com

The Beefy Security

Data storage offshore or in the same country is ideal for businesses to back up their own servers, so they have somewhere safe away from the work office to store their private data.

Doing it this way will ensure you have a working backed up copy at all times on a separate system, the main owners of the company should have the access here so you can keep the people who access the storage down to a minimum, of course for security reasons!

The Costings

The costs of losing all of your data can run into the millions depending on your business model, can you really put a price on losing your data? To store your data these data storage centres don’t even charge that much, for a nice piece of space you will probably be looking at around $30 for 5 GB.

Though the costs will run up the more space you need, if you store media such as videos and images you will definitely need more space but for files and such 5GB should be more than sufficient.

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