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Doodle Army 2 Tips and Tricks

by Soft2share.com

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia (DA2) is a 2D shooter game for iOS and Android devices. The game was released for iOS devices on 2011 and for Android on September 14, 2016.  But Mini militia began to become popular after the android release.  So in this post we can learn how to play the game without losing to the opponent frequently and tips to improve your skills and rank gradually.

Doodle Army 2

We can split this post into two namely OFFLINE MODE-DEALING WITH FRIENDS and for the ONLINE MODE-DEALING WITH GLOBAL PLAYERS.  So follow these tips to become Pro. Let’s Begin


  • Equip yourself with two guns to guns at the beginning of the game
  • Don’t focus on the kill at first before you equip yourself with the proper weapons
  • I suggest for sniper/rocket launcher with short guns
  • Another good combination is shield and pistol or revolver, shields can block you from bullets
  • Recheck your weapons and keep it loaded frequently
  • If you get hit, Try to escape and hide yourself to regain your health
  • Make use of the grenades whenever it is needed
  • Refuel your weapons whenever possible
  • Don’t forget to collect the time bomb and gas bombs whenever they got found. If your bomb bar is full throw them and equip yourself with them
  • Sniper have the longest range followed by rocket launcher and other
  • Plant time bomb and gas bombs where your opponents will spawn, they will die instantly
  • Try to bend down when the bomb has been thrown on you, you will use only half of your health
  • Choose the map which suites you
  • Use melee attack for closer range attacks
  • Keep your flying jet fuel full whenever you get time, this can be used for escaping at the hard times
  • Suicide yourself at the hardest time rather giving your points to your enemy


The above tips are also be used for the online mode in addition to the following points

  • Avoid battling with the high-level players, pros or hackers. This will cause only you to lose and waste the time
  • Initiate the game first and choose the map you are comfortable with
  • Avoid suicide this will only cost from your wining points
  • Don’t use the hacked version this will not help your any more to improve your skillsets
  • Keep playing in online to improve your battle points to buy the pro packages and upgrading yourself
  • Play with both hands to increase the hand moment speed
  • Sniper is the best weapon in the game so master in it using the offline mode
  • This is some of the wicked trick, throw your grenade while you going to die this will give you points when they are hit on the enemy
  • Plant the grenade when you close encounter with the enemy
  • If enemy uses the saw cutter the shield can be used to prevent yourself from losing
  • Use emp guns to immobilise your enemy and throw your grenade on them immediately to kill them
  • Emp guns are used to destroy the time bombs planted by your enemy
  • Plant the Time bomb on the bush
  • Use the rocket launcher and shield as a weapon to use the melee button

These are some of the tips to play like a pro and to become one of them.  But until there was no practice one cannot became a good player.  So keep this tips while practice until you master yourself in the game and keep going.

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