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Dos and Don’ts When You Stay In A Hostel To Get The Most Out Of It

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Hostels provide the most economical accommodation on your business, leisure and study trips. Choosing a hostel for your stay during your travels has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. In a hostel, you get to share the dorm or room with other fellow travelers. While some do not want to compromise with the privacy they enjoy in independent rooms provided by hotels, some do prefer hostel as they get to socialize with new friends. Hostel stay can add fun and give you a rare chance to create new contacts. If you are staying in Arequipa Hostels for the first time, there are some dos and don’ts you must know to make the most of your hostel stay.

Do not make noise
People might rest during different times even during the day. Hence no one will expect you to tip-toe around the room. Keep the noise levels as minimum as possible beyond the day time. if you need to talk, come to the lobby or common place to do it and never make the rooms noisy and uncomfortable for the people sharing them with you.

Keep the lights off
Keep the lights off after 10 pm. Lights will make it uncomfortable for people to sleep. If you need some light for something important, use your cellphone light or small flashlights.

Clear the mess after you use the kitchen
Remember, hostel is not your home. You need to clean up the mess you have made after you have done with the kitchen so that other people will not find the picture detestable. Clean the utensils and cookware thoroughly after using them.

Keep the bathrooms clean
Leaving the hostel bathroom as a cesspool is a bad idea. Always use the dust bin to throw your trash, toilet papers and other disposable stuff. Do not urinate on the floor. When you need to throw up, use the sink or shower.

Pack up early
If you need to start off early in the morning, it is good to pack your things and keep the luggage ready before you go to bed so that you can minimize the noise of packing in the early morning hours. When some people might be still sleeping, the noise of rustling bags and the irritating sounds of zippers can drive people crazy though they might not shout at you. Especially the rustling sound of plastic bags can be a big nuisance.

Use headphones as much as possible
Use headphones while making calls, listening to songs, watching a movie, or chatting with someone. Whether it is day or night, the others staying in the room might not be interested in listening to what you are up to. If you do not have headphones and still would like to make a call, it is good to go to the common room.

Do not spend too much time in the bathroom
Some hostels might have limited number of bathrooms. Spending 40 minutes to take bath and using up all the hot water available can end up leaving others frustrated. Be quick so that others can also have enough time to get ready for the day.

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