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Duracable: The Plumbing and Draining Industry’s Most Reliable Manufacturer

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If you work within the plumbing and drain industry, Duracable is a great manufacturer and resource to utilize for all of your work’s functions and needs. Since 1981, Duracable has been providing customers and drain cleaning professionals with dependable equipment, great pricing, fast delivery, and excellent customer service. At Duracable, we understand how important it is for those within the plumbing and drain cleaning industry to have a manufacturer who is as reliable and helpful as they are friendly, which is why we strive to do our best to make our customers satisfied and happy with our products. Some of our equipment includes drain cleaning machines like Plumbing Drain Snakes, quality cable and high-end steel blades, reels, and ProCare drain care and cleaning products. We also carry equipment that will especially appeal to drain cleaning professionals such as tools and accessories, pipeline camera inspection systems, water jetters, water hoses, and ProCare drain care products.

Duracable as a Resource

Not only do we carry equipment and products, but our website also serves as a resource for industry professionals. Duracable Dale’s blog will provide additional information and insight for various situations or questions you might have; some of our blog articles include “Tips to safely use your drain cleaning equipment,” “Choosing a drain cleaning machine,” “What to look for when you buy plumbing drain snakes” and more. Our website also has several product manuals and safety data sheets available to view for some plumbing and draining equipment and ProClean cleaners.

Our Products and Warranty

We ensure that all of the products we carry are of the highest quality and industry standards that we expect as industry professionals ourselves. We stand behind our products, but also understand if a product is not what you need or not what you expected, which is why we even offer a two-year warranty on drain cleaning machines and a 30-day warranty on cables – the industry’s only type of warranties for plumbing and drainage products.

Ordering from Duracable

If your plumbing business needs to order a lot of plumbing and draining equipment or cleaning products, you can choose to fill out a brief online credit application for obtaining credit through Duracable. We also have several options available for financing plans, which can also be obtained after filling out a brief online application through our website. While our website has all of our products and product descriptions listed, you can also download our 2017 product catalog for free through our website, or you can contact us to request a physical copy. You can order online through our website or over the phone with one of our customer service specialists at 515-518-6151. We also have an order form available on our website that you can fax or mail to us if that is your preferred method for shopping with us. If you’re interested in shopping for Duracable products in-person, check out our list of local distributors available on our website.

If you have any questions about Duracable or our products, feel free to contact us by email at sales@duracable.com, by phone at 515-518-6151, or check out our website at Duracable.com.

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