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Elastos brings a Smarter Internet Powered By Blockchain

by Soft2share.com

Being innovative and thinking out of the box is what would work towards a huge success in itself. Cryptocurrency is not exclusion to this rule either. The crypto assets developers who have given a thought to a new concept in its own right have been daring enough and rightly savoring the fruits of their dare act. Elastos Coin can be cited as the best example of this reality. What to know what is Elastos and how it is set to disrupt the way we used Internet? We will make an attempt at understanding the concept.

Elastos is a result of the efforts and daredevil attitude of Rong Chen who has been a Microsoft Engineer. He conceived the idea of Elastos Carrier which is a Blockchain based operating system that will host decentralized apps on the platform.

In fact, the Elastos Carrier will be an operating system that works as a P2P protocol.  It is set to use blockchain as the base layer for supporting the decentralized apps, also referred to as DApps. The DApps will make the calls and requests through Elastos Carrier rather than though the Internet. The service will be supportive for the new generation of apps in the arena of AR or VR headsets, IoT gateways, and gaming consoles.

In a layman’s language, the Elastos carrier has designed the interface as a new way to use the internet. The platform will work in a decentralized P2P infrastructure thereby benefitting both the application developers and the consumers of these applications. The service is expected to work in an “Internet of things” kind of setup and expected to host with its own credit system, rights confirmation, registrations, and other requirements in a smarter economy powered by Blockchain.  

The First DApps Meetup At San Francisco

As we have been repeatedly stating, the concept is quite out of the box and unique in itself. That could possibly explain the 1st DApps Meetup held by Elastos Foundation in San Francisco in March.

The meetup was meant to make the people aware of the importance and the concept of DApps and Elastos Carrier. Elastos Carrier is set to be the part of the larger Elastos Smart Web and will facilitate decentralized peer to peer communication. What transpired at the meetup would be used as the inputs for the road ahead. In fact, it was conveyed that most of these DApps already have a user base and the new interface through the Elastos Carrier will aid the consumers to benefit in a better way.  

The meetup explained the importance of DApps and had representatives from several DApps partners that Elastos has brought under one umbrella. The reactions received at the meetup have indeed been impressive and point towards a positive future ahead.

In Conclusion

Elastos Carrier is looking ahead to a great future by any standard. In fact, rather than being what would disrupt the way we have been using the internet, we would view it as something that will reform the use of the internet. Elastos has indeed been a pioneer in what it is attempting to achieve and we would definitely look ahead to a brighter future.

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