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Enjoy your Vacations with Your Loved Ones in Jaisalmer Desert Safari

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Rajasthan is a destination that is loaded with so much culture, history and colours. If you are travelling to Rajasthan then you highly can’t afford to miss exploring Jaisalmer. This is indeed a gem of Rajasthan that serves its travelers with so much love and affection. Every inch of Jaisalmer is connecting you with your culture and roots. Jaisalmer has vibes that it makes everyone fall in love with its golden sand dunes. This destination is also known as “Golden City of India”. Forts and houses are structured in a way that the sun rays are striking on them directly and make them more beautiful. 

One of the best things about Jaisalmer is that the people are so warm; they will greet you like you are one of them. So, it will be fun visiting Jaisalmer to explore the love of people and especially Sam sand dunes desert safari. There are so many things you can do apart from desert safaris such as camel safari and jeep safari. These both are thrilling safaris to make your heart skip its beat. It will definitely be much fun and adventure for the ones who are travelling there for the first time.

Jaisalmer desert safari is one of the best charms that have renowned-position among travellers whether it is ship desert safari or jeep desert safari, these both will be memorable for you. We have talked so much about the adventure and fun in desert safari; so, why not get to know it much more. 

1 Desert safari with the ship of the desert- Ship desert safari 

One of the famous and major attractions among tourists, especially those little munchkins. You can plan to do this activity with your family and friends in sand dunes of the golden city. While ship desert safari, the camel owner will be told you to hold camel’s back tightly in order to avoid your fall off. It will totally be a bumpy ride in the dunes of the thar. The ride will take you to the remote areas where you will get to see amazing flora and fauna, especially varieties of spine plants. While riding, do not forget to click best pictures with the ship of the desert. 

Sam sand dunes desert safari

Another fun and adventurous desert safari in the dunes of the golden city, jeep safari. This desert safari will take you across the unexplored beauty of the Thar desert with much comfort and ease. 

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