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Everything you need to know about Avaya Certification

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Avaya is a special certification company, as it offers degrees in an area that is not so well exploited. While in the case of IT and technology, people are able to find tens of interesting programs, in the matter of business communication, the number of reliable programs of this kind is small, even if people are looking for those solutions. From this point of view, Avaya can be considered as one of the fewest communication institutions that are able to offer a recognized diploma for business communication at an international level.


Avaya Solutions are a complete set of Business communication and methods of improving the general business climate. An Avaya certificate means that the graduate is able to use those methods effectively, and this is why a certificate of this kind is important. Hundreds of companies are using the Avaya products as we speak; therefore the importance of those specialists is huge.

What Avaya Certifications are available?

  1. Avaya Certified Associate

This is the entry level certificate that will teach the trainees how to create and implement business solutions for different companies and industries. This way, the graduate is able to create performing programs for the company based on the Avaya platform.

  1. Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist

This is the basic program teaching the trainees about maintaining and installing the Avaya programs. However, general hardware and software notions are also learned with this program.

  1. Avaya Sales Certification Specialist

Avaya quickly becomes one of the major IT solution developers, therefore clients are asking about this program more and more. However, before selling the Avaya solutions, a person needs to understand and to know how to use this platform, and this kind of certification is great for those matters. On the other hand, the program is good not only for people that want to sell and promote Avaya solutions, but also for any IT sales specialist.

  1. Avaya Call Center Implementation Specialist

The importance of good customer service can’t be neglected anymore. Today, major companies prefer to outsource customer services, in order to reduce costs. This is why the new Customer Service companies can be considered as huge businesses that need a reliable IT hardware and software infrastructure. An Avaya specialist in Customer Services is able to implement such a program for a company for scraps, and you can be sure those specialists are not only appreciated, but also well paid.

  1. Avaya IP Telephony specialist

Usually, this certification is connected with the Customer Service Avaya certification, but it can also be obtained separately. The IP phones quickly replace the classic telephony method, so the need for such specialists is huge. The IP telephony network is a must not only for Customer Service Centers, but also for major companies that want a modern communication method at their disposal.

Those are only a few of the Avaya certifications. As you can see, those certifications are offered in many IT and communication areas. Therefore, if you are looking for an effective method to boost your career and to enlarge your horizons, than Avaya is the way to go.

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