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Everything You Need to Know About Pricing as a Freelancer Graphic Designer

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Deciding on the amount to charge as a freelance graphic designer can be challenging. The most asked question in the graphic design industry is how much a graphic designer should charge. There is no right way or correct amount to set prices as a freelance graphic designer. Your charge greatly depends on what works for you and your business. You must first research industry standards and determine your utility based on your skills, experience, and the value you provide to your clients. You can also ask expertise or experienced professionals for a freelance graphic design pricing guide. Typically, you should charge what you feel is fair and reasonable for your services.

What factors should you consider when charging as a freelance graphic designer?

There are several factors that impact graphic design rates for freelancers. They include:

Level of experience

Level of experience is a significant factor to consider while charging as a freelance graphic designer. If you are new in the graphic design industry and still working to build your portfolio, you should charge less than someone who has been in the field for years. The more the experience, the higher you charge.

Project scope

The scope of the project you are working on is another factor you should consider. You can charge less for projects that take minimal time or are straightforward and charge higher for those that are more complex or need a long period to complete. For example, a project involving client meetings and several revisions can require higher pricing than one that needs a few design deliverables, such as a logo.

Value of your project

Most experienced freelance graphic designers prefer to charge projects based on value rather than time. Charging based on value happens because when you are experienced, you usually become faster over time, reducing the number of hours you spend on a project. Pricing by value ensures you are paid for your skills and talent instead of just your time. For example, you can charge more for a sales page design than a social media graphic if you consider the value of the project.

Expenses and overhead

Expenses you incur when doing a graphic design project is an essential factor to consider when pricing. Consider costs related to your project, like design software or hiring other freelance designers to help with deliverables, especially on large tasks. Also, consider additional costs like insurance and taxes.

Should you charge for graphic design per hour or project?

Most freelance graphic designers charge based on hours or projects. You may find yourself charging differently on varying tasks from a specific client. For example, you can charge hourly for web design work and a fixed rate for logo design. There are various benefits of charging hourly and fixed rate, which include:

Charging hourly

It is easier to figure out what to charge per hour than per project. Since most full-time graphic designers often charge hourly, it is easier to compare hourly rates in the industry and set a rate that aligns with your expertise and experience.

Charging hourly also ensures you get paid for all your time. Being paid for the number of hours you work allows you to be compensated for any extra time you spend on a task, especially for unexpected problems.

Charging per project

Charging per project allows freelance designers to stop trading their hours for dollars. You may get burnt out when you work more hours to make more money. When you charge per project, you can have rates equal to the value you provide, not just the time you spend.

Charging per project can allow you to charge more for tasks you are more skilled at. You can charge a higher price for a service you are more experienced in than a design you have less experience in.

Also, pricing per project enables you to make more profit as you become faster and more efficient. Since you are paid based on your time to complete a project, you will not lose any money when you become more efficient.

Charging for graphic design projects as a freelancer depends on the scope of your task, your experience level, the value of your assignment, and the expenses you incur. Most freelance graphic designers base their pricing on time spent or a fixed rate.

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