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Excellent CRM Systems For Small & Medium Sized Sales Teams

by Soft2share.com

CRM systems are used by many companies to communicate between their businesses and their customers. Unfortunately, there are many people who are not using CRM software effectively. Newer businesses stay away from CRM software because it can be quite expensive and therefore, do not see the beneficial reasons for using it.


Approximately 12 years ago, Salesforce launched a less expensive CRM system that was also the first SaaS CRM. Now there are many other CRM products coming on the market to help newer startup companies by keeping the price down. These newer products are really easy to use and cost $25 or less, per user. Also, the price will not increase as your team grows.

Base CRM:

If you are looking for user-friendly CRM, this is an excellent choice. Your sales team can increase their sales using this software. Base CRM offers contact management, deal tracking, and lead management, while tracking, and recording calls and will analyze sales. This UI tracking app is available for Android and your team can go mobile while increasing their productivity.

You will get a 14-day trial with 3 different plans: Starter, Professional and Enterprise and are priced as:

Starter is $25 per user/month, has base sales tracking and customer management for up to 5 users. It comes with 2GB storage per user, built-in dialing, email automation, tasking, geographic location and many other features.

Professional is $75 per user/month, 5 GB storage per user, document management, automated tasking, and sales forecast.

Enterprise is $125 per user/month, 10 GB storage per user, sales intelligence, call analytics, auto dialing, product catalog and multilevel permissions.


This is a very easy to use CRM that is great for small and medium businesses. It’s available in may different languages , supports various currencies and can be integrated with Google apps. It offers a timeline view to allow sales teams to track their upcoming events and estimated time of sales. Sales managers can see the timelines of their team members and get a good idea of a project’s progress. This software mainly focuses on closing deals and not so much focusing on customer relationships.

It is available for $12 per user/month with unlimited numbers of users and unlimited contacts and storage.


This was originally launched as a social CRM that could integrate with someone’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. One of its outstanding features allows all your email correspondence and messages you send to customers, via your social medias, to be stored in Nimble’s in-CRM message in-box. You can also send messages directly from the CRM. You can also monitor your customer’s activities in their social media accounts. Nimble truly is a CRM that stands out from others.

It is available for $15 per user/month, gives you the capability of 30,000 contacts and 5GB of storage.

Pipeline Deals:

This software offers a very handy feature known as Morning Coffee Report. Each morning managers will receive emails with all the activities from the day before, and the latest sales numbers. It has a built-in email marketing system that is based on templates and automation is extremely easy to use. If you are new to email marketing, you will not have any issues with this software. It will carry out automated email campaigns and send the results back to you for those campaigns.

Standard is $24 per user/month with unlimited contacts, storage, tasks and deals, customer support and will save searches.

Accelerator is $48 per user/month, has a Standard Plan Plus automated email, able to track email campaigns, email templates, and analytics. You will have unlimited customization fields and automated sales processes.

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