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Find Your Perfect RV Awning and Awning Accessories

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Once the RV is securely parked and the vacation is underway, one of the first steps in setting up the perfect campsite is extending your RV Awning. An awning is more than just a piece of fabric, it’s a shady spot to share a meal or escape the elements. If your awning has seen better days or it just needs a little something extra, it’s time to stop by RVupgrades and check out our hundreds of awning products.

Your awning is an important piece of hardware and if your awning is not doing its job, it’s time to look into fixing that. Maybe you’re not getting as much shade as you would like? We offer plenty of awning extension options so your camper awning can reach as far as you want. This not only gives you more shade, but it also extends your usable outdoor space in the event of rain, giving your entire family more space to enjoy the outdoors while staying dry.

Another common issue with RV awnings is the fact that they cannot block the sun from every direction, especially in the morning and evenings. If you are tired of dealing with this glare, we have options for you. You can easily add a drop-down shade to the roller bar of your awning. They can be easily staked into place and they will only block light from one side of your awning, leaving plenty of open space to allow you to enjoy the breeze without having to deal with blinding light.

Maybe you are looking to transform your awning into an indoor space. With our awning room kits from Carefree of Colorado, you can do exactly that. Each of these room kits is easy to install and is made from lightweight but sturdy tent material. By clipping these walls to your awning, you can quickly create three new walls to enclose your outdoor space complete with windows and a door. This is perfect for providing a little extra comfort during inclement weather or keeping bugs out in the hot summer months.

Even if you’re not looking to add to your RV awning, it still might be time to replace your awning. Age, mildew, and other factors can all lead to unexpected awning failure. We carry a wide assortment of awning fabric in a variety of colors and patterns so you can easily replace your awning at home. You can also find convenient awning covers to keep your new awning safe in transit.

Once you have your new awning installed and ready, we also have some amazing accessories to make your next camping trip even better. Whether you need some stabilizing braces or light-up LED strips to keep you from bumping your head on the arms of your awning, you can find them in our shop. We also carry RV mats, stabilizer kits, rope lights, hanging storage, and pretty much anything else you could need for your next RV camping trip.

So before you pack up the RV for your next adventure, take a look at your awning and make sure it’s ready to make the trip. If you need anything for your RV awning, you can always find what you are looking for at RVugrades. We also carry thousands of other parts and accessories for every facet of your RV, from window shades to outdoor grills. If you have any questions about our inventory, feel free to reach out to a member of our team at 866-332-7881 or email us at sales@rvupgrades.com.

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