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Five Ways How AI Can Revolutionize Your Restaurant

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Just like any other industry, the restaurants also face this pressure of satisfying ever increasing demands and expectations for their customers. The restaurants and its customers have grown a lot towards a personalized experience and convenience. In this age of technology, a quick delivery is a must when it comes to consumer satisfaction.

Many famous food chains like McDonalds, KFC etc. have been using technology like the kiosks in the drive-thru that take the orders electronically. There is also an option of paying in currency or through a cashless digital transaction. Artificial intelligence has offered a wide range of options to every industry including the restaurants on how to automate processes and save cost. It also minimizes the possibilities of human error.

 Benefits of incorporating AI technology in restaurants

Many fast food chains are already augmenting human work force with AI technology to ensure a smooth operation in the restaurant and to create an interesting experience for the consumer. According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, about 86% of Chinese transaction at fast food stores are cashless and almost half of the orders are placed via mobile app of a kiosk.

By using this technology, the restaurants offer their customer to choose how they want to order, pay and receive their meals. It leads to automated upselling for a restaurant. Let’s look at different areas where AI can be implemented to make improvements in a restaurant.

 Delivery management

In this digital age, food delivery has grown immensely popular especially among the new generation. This creates a need for a technology that can identify the most optimal delivery route to maintain efficiency and quality. Hence, AI powered delivery mapping technology can help restaurants in guiding their delivery personnel on the best routes to their destination in order to make a timely deliver. This proves beneficial for the business and the customer as it saves time.

This AI technology can also keep a check on a delivery guy’s progress and can also keep the customers updated about the status of their orders. Artificial Intelligence companies in Dubai have made platforms for its users to connect the customer with the restaurants and the delivery personal to keep a check on the progress. It also provides a smooth platform for businesses to keep them updated about their consumers and overall sales.

 Work schedules

For any good restaurant to be successful it is important to keep an open communication and enforce work schedules for its employees. Depending on the size of the work force, manual scheduling can be time consuming.

AI can help the manager with scheduling of the work shifts depending upon the labor demand, employees on vacation, swapping of the shifts etc. Instead of doing all this manually by going back and forth between the manager and employee, the AI can provide an interface that incorporates all these small details and help in automated scheduling to maintain efficiency throughout the business.

 Facial recognition

When a person becomes a regular at a their favorite restaurant, the workers tend to pick up on their orders and tend to figure out things that they like to order and special instructions, like extra sauce, sugar etc. But in most cases, it takes time to get to experience such a personalized experience. AI-powered kiosk can provide an equal opportunity for customers to get that personalized service without waiting in a long line.

The AI with its facial recognition property can identify some of the regular customers and make suggestions to them based on their history of orders and special instructions. This not only will provide a hassle free experience to the customer but it would also be beneficial for the business as it makes the process of ordering and getting food quicker and more efficient.

 Customized menus

Integrating an AI with a facial recognition property in a restaurant can provide a better experience to the customer. With facial recognition it can customize menus according to a customer’s previous orders. It can also make menu suggestions with regards to time of the day and the weather.

With this technology, the customer would be able to get a customized drive-thru menu depending upon the weather, restaurant traffic, top trending items etc. Menus would also be customized in response to a customer’s order.

Business planning/ Strategy

With increasing popularity in the e-commerce, it has become necessary to create an online image and a solid social media presence to market your products. AI cannot only help your business to get customers online but things like automated customer service and facial recognition of customers to form proper segmentation can help in increasing effectiveness in the work place.

The AI can help in smooth processing of administration tasks like placing orders, invoicing, reporting and even formulation of new strategies and tasks. By incorporating this new technology into your restaurant business, you can keep a regular check on the quality of manufacturing. This can be achieved by keeping a regular tab on maintenance and monitoring of cooking appliances and ingredients.

There are several professional Artificial Intelligence UAE based events that help restaurant owners in understanding these technologies and how they can increase sales and efficiency in a business.

Create a unique experience!

More and more restaurants are using the technology of sound assistance in their restaurants where individuals can order using voice commands. This makes the whole experience more personalized for the customer.

It is a great opportunity to leverage AI to customize menus according to each person’s taste to present them with an exclusive and personalized experience. It’s time to make sure you can keep up with the customers in this digital age.

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