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FMWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version | Anti-Ban 2021

by Soft2share.com

Today we will review FMWhatsApp APK , which is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. This article will talk about its features, pros, and cons. So, you must pay attention if you want to grab an interesting read.

We are living in a modern world that relies heavily on communication. Generally, with the advent of the smartphone, many messaging apps came into the market. People are using various Apps, but you can call WhatsApp as the king of communication. It allows you to remain ultra-private during every type of messaging. But due to human nature, we want more. That’s why developers are creating similar Apps like WhatsApp.

Why should you use FMWhatsApp APK?

In short, this App is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. But why should you use it? The answer is straightforward; for a better visual experience and cool features, which are not present in the original App.

With the freedom of customization of this App, it is possible to personalize the App based on your preferences. For example, if you prefer the blue color scheme of the original App. Read more about fallout shelter mod apk

 Please check these Facebook Group Links HERE . Once the modified version is ready then you can change the links as you like. That convenience can result in your aesthetic satisfaction.

In this modified version, the main goal is to make it more user-friendly and offer more features.


What exactly is FMWhatsApp APK?

Foud Apps has developed an improved version of WhatsApp, which was created by FoudMakkad. He added a large number of features and presented it to the users.

This App is not available on the Google Play store, but you can download it from a third-party website. But you need to be cautious and use an antivirus before downloading the App because third party websites can contain viruses and malware.

With FmWhatsApp you can hide your last visited, delivery report, online status, and other interface icons. It allows you the flexibility of thousands of themes from the library, which has a lot of options available.

Key specifications

The following is the exact information on the FmWhatsApp APK.

The name of the App is FmWhatsApp.

The latest version is 14.09.

The size of the App is 52.02 MB.

The name of the developer is FoudMakkad.

The name of the package is com.FmWhatsApp.

It is the modified version of WhatsApp.

The latest update came on the internet on June 18, 2019.

Features of FMWhatsApp APK

The latest version of this App carries new additions and exclusive features, which we will describe below.

Here are all the categories.

  • Customization

This App allows the following.

You can replace the green theme of the original App with your desired color and selection from the library.

You are free to add custom themes to your library, which has the capacity to accept thousands of themes.

You can personalize all icons of the App by changing colors and icon graphics.

  • Privacy

To remain more private, you can do the following.

Privacy tweaks can be added to the App to hide features like last seen, blue ticks, and double ticks.

With the original App, you cannot deactivate the video calling feature.

You can lock your App using the app lock, which lets you set a password for it. That’s why you can secure your data efficiently.

  • Exclusive features

The following are the surprising features.

You don’t have to save contacts to send messages with this app. You can send messages to unsaved contacts.

There are only three chats you can pin in the original app, but 100 can be pinned in this App.

With this App, you can change the colors of the groups, which is absent in the original App.

  • Security features

The following are the security features.

A password is required to secure the App, which isn’t present on the original App.

You can secure conversations by adding pins to the chat.

  • Increased limits

With this App you can send messages to a large group containing 500 people. The original App only allows 250 people.

One recipient can receive 60 images with the original App.

The following are the upside of this App.

There is an anti-delete feature that prevents the recipient from deleting your messages.

You can pick any theme from the library, which has over a thousand themes.

There is no limit on the number of images you can send in one message.

You can share large files up to 700 MB.

ConsAfter that, install the setup file.

The following are some downsides of the App.

A major drawback of this app is the developer’s ability to spy on you. Developers can view the messages you send and you receive, compromising your security.

A second drawback is the slowness of the interface. All features aren’t as responsive as earlier versions.

Installation guide

You need to follow the steps.

  1. Open your computer.
  2. Connect to the internet.
  3. Open the web browser.
  4. Go to the Google.com.
  5. Search for the downloadable file of FmWhatsApp.
  6. Download the file.
  7. Transfer the file to your android phone.
  8. Then go to phone settings.
  9. Then go to security settings.
  10. You need to enable the option of “install from unknown sources.”
  11. he installation, you can use the App.

 Final verdict

WhatsApp has been working fine with its servers for quite some time. However, if you need a little variety in your App menu then you have the a perfect side alternative of the original FmWhatsApp App. This App can give you all the new features that are missing from the original App.

The modified App can provide variety, customization, and personalization, but it cannot guarantee your absolute privacy. We gave you comprehensive details.

The choice is yours, and you’ll face the consequences. So weigh the pros and cons, and then decide what’s best for you. We can only guide you, but the decision is always yours.

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