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General Tips to Successfully Implement Linux Ubuntu

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 Linux Ubuntu is fast becoming one of the most popular operating systems and is soon expected to rival Microsoft Windows. Hardly surprising really given it is more flexible than the old-timer, easier to use, less expensive and unlikely to get a virus. You´ll also be pleased to know that the Linux Ubuntu operating system is very easy to install so just follow these simple step-by-step tips to successfully implement Linux and away you go.


Decide how you want to install Linux

There are three methods in which you can complete a Linux implementation using Ubuntu:-

  • Compact Disc
  • Wubi
  • USB

How to install Linux Ubuntu from CD

  1. Download the Ubuntu ISO and save to your desktop
  2. Burn the ISO image to a blank CD. You can do this by using Roxio CD.
  3. In My Computer run the CD and select the option you want, either install as a trial in which case it will be uninstalled when you remove the disc, or install as a partition to use with Windows. It is recommended you trial Ubuntu first.


Install Ubuntu with Wubi

  1. If you have Wubi and want to install Ubuntu select “install inside Windows” from the option menu and follow the on-screen instructions in “Ubuntu Setup”. If you have enough space on your hard drive opt for a 30GB or more installation.
  2. Configure the installation using the settings options and click install
  3. To complete installation you will need to reboot your computer. You have the option to do that immediately or later. Click finish and reboot your computer.

Install Ubuntu from a USB

  1. To install Ubuntu from a USB you will need at least 2GB of space on your memory stick. Plug it into the USB port and format it with a FAT32 partition. You do that in Windows by opening My Computer and right clicking on the icon than indicates it recognizes the removable device. Select “Format” from the drop down window and click start.
  2. You then need to download UnetBootin and transfer the ISO to your USB. To do that select “Diskimage” next to the ISO dropdown box and click OK.
  3. Complete installation by rebooting your computer. However, in order for Linux Ubuntu to load you need to set your computer to reboot from USB. On the boot screen press F9 and it should give you the option to boot from “USB Hard drive.”

Completing Linux Ubuntu installation

Now that you have installed Ubuntu and partitioned your hard drive you need to complete the process so you can use Linux Ubuntu. This is so simple, even your mother could do it!

  1. On the top left of your desktop you will find an image of a hard drive with the title “install.” Double click it and choose which language you want from the welcome screen.
  2. Then move through the screens selecting your options for location and your keyboard layout. These are both the country in which you live – unless you want a keyboard layout you are more familiar with such as a UK layout even though you live in South America.
  3. The last step requires a little more technical know-how as it asks you where you want to put Ubuntu. You have the option to use the entire disk space, use whichever partition has the largest continuous free space, or manually specify which partitions to use. The easiest option is the second one: “Use the largest continuous free space.”
  4. The final thing to do is to set your username and password and migrate the settings and files you used in Windows
  5. Click install and reboot your computer. You are now ready to use Linux Ubuntu.

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