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Get a Legal Tobacco Tax Bond for Distribution Security

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Tobacco tax bonds are used to regulate tax payments in the tobacco industry. These bonds ensure that manufacturers and distributors of tobacco pay the right amount of due taxes. Tobacco bonds are necessary for procuring a license to distribute these products in a state, although the respective taxes and specific costs vary from state to state.

How Does the Bond Help?

Distribution and sale of tobacco is a task that requires legal authorization. To earn approval, you must have a bond that explains your tax payments. This also validates your existing and future records. Without legal validation, distribution or manufacture would be considered illegal and a criminal offense. To avoid running into such unworthy situations, you should always make a tax bond for your company so that you can provide proof whenever and wherever required.

What Does the Bond Do?

A tobacco tax bond is a contract between the principle that is the producer or sales regulator and the obligee that is usually the state government. The surety (bond company) plays the role of keeping in check that the distributor follows all the legal rules of the bond and duly compensates the obligee in case of a fraud or failure to meet factors by the distributor. A tax bond functions as a credit facility for the principal, as they are required to reimburse the surety.

How to Get the Tax Bond

Procuring the tobacco tax bond is an easy matter when you involve professional surety companies to do the job for you. It’s a rather simple process which only requires little time. The application is also cost-effective. The cost varies state-wise, but one thing is for sure- higher risks entail higher costs. But you need not worry as surety companies do not force you to go overboard with expenses.

To apply, you need to log onto the website of the company and buy a bond. The application provided is to be filled up and then you proceed to pay for the bond. The bond is delivered almost instantly, but if it does not come to you quick enough, you would need to understand that it is to undergo further manual checking and elaborate scrutiny. This is usually done in cases of high-risk management issues.


A tobacco tax bond is the first step you need to take to ensure the safety of the manufacture, distribution and sales lines of your tobacco company. Surety companies have the most reliable and efficient professionals who handle every aspect very carefully and give you effective results so that your company is bound to tread on smooth paths to success.

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