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Get the BigCommerce Partner You Need with 1Digital Agency

by Soft2share.com

As an eCommerce store owner, you certainly know that there is an importance to creating the best design, having a developed website that functions well and creating a marketing plan that promotes your brand and boosts your search results.

One of the leading platforms for eCommerce users is BigCommerce and there are many merchants who do not know the platform well enough to take advantage of everything it is capable of and that can make your website better than your competition. The best way to do this is to get a BigCommerce Partner that can build your eCommerce store into what it needs to be.

You want to have a design that welcomes people and is appealing to the eye and helps to promote the brand. You want to have a website that is fully-functional and makes it easy for customers to make purchases without any stress. Of course, your main goal is to get people to visit your website by building organic results that will reach people searching for your products or services. It’s why you need the best BigCommerce partner and digital marketing team that can target the right keywords and create content that resonates with customers and builds domain authority.

The partner you need is 1Digital Agency. With 1Digital Agency, you get the BigCommerce partner you deserve. This is an expert staff that puts their expertise to use every day because they live and breathe everything there is about the BigCommerce platform. From creating custom BigCommerce design to having the best developers working on many custom projects that expand the boundaries of the platform, this is a digital agency that always focuses on your needs and what you want your website to be.

1Digital Agency can be your solution for everything you need for your BigCommerce store to be promoted the way you want it to be. Every digital marketing project starts with an extensive and detailed audit where 1Digital reviews your website and looks for opportunities where you can make progress and boost your search engine rankings to get closer to the first page of Google. This will allow you to build up your search engine rankings collectively across a grouping of keywords and gain more organic traffic to reach people who are searching for you.

This is done by targeting keywords where there is an opportunity to rank. From the audit process, 1Digital constructs a list of keywords and presents them to every client for approval. When the list is approved, they begin to implement these keywords into their content strategy and create content centered around these keywords. This is not just cookie-cutter content. This is content that is researched and educated in an effort to be informative, educational and offer value to readers. This also helps to build up the domain authority and make you look good in the eyes of Google, bringing your rankings up as well.

In addition, there is behind-the-scenes technical SEO that 1Digital Agency works on to improve your rankings and fully optimize your website. With all of these solutions, it won’t be long before you see how working with a BigCommerce partner can have a huge impact on the way your website looks, the way it functions and the way it is promoted through digital marketing.

So turn to 1Digital Agency for your BigCommerce project and work with a true partner who is with you every step of the way from start to finish and beyond, always providing support with everything during your project. Sometimes all it takes is having the right partner there with you to see the progress you want in your BigCommerce store.

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