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Get The Tools You Need To Thread Mill Pipe Thread

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The production of interlocking threads has traditionally been completed using tap and die tools or lathe threading machines. While these techniques are still employed today, the increase in the use of CNC technology has led to an increase in thread milling. You can thread mill pipe thread in seconds using the correct thread mills and settings. This is a great way for machine shops to keep their work on the CNC instead of having to move a workpiece to another machine for threading.

There are several reasons to use thread mills over conventional threading tools like taps and dies. The biggest factor is time, these tools operate at high speeds and can complete a thread in seconds. Tap and die tools often take time because they need to be moved back and forth to help remove chips from the threads. Also, because of their method of operation, thread mills are less likely to break in use and they can cut several different thread sizes using the same tools, including threading left and right-handed threads back to back. Also, because CNC routers can move the axis they are cutting on with ease, you can complete two perpendicular threads without having to adjust the workpiece.

All of these reasons make the benefits of switching to thread milling clear. So if your shop wants to start milling your threads, you are going to need thread milling cutters. There are two main varieties of these cutters, the single pitch thread mill and the full form thread mill.

Single pitch mills feature a small cutting head on the end of the mill and are designed to cut each thread individually. Because they are so small, they are ideal for low power thread milling and threading thin or unstable pieces that could not handle the large cutting forces of a larger end mill. Single pitch mills can also be used to cut multiple thread pitches using the same tool, making them great tools for mixed production applications.

If speed is what you need, there are also full form thread mills. These cutters feature a larger cutting head with several “teeth” that resemble rows of the cutting heads of single pitch mills. The idea with these tools is that instead of cutting each thread individually, you can thread mill pipe thread in a single 360-degree rotation. By dropping the tool by the thread pitch distance during the cut, the teeth end up cutting perfect threads instead of just cutting a series of circular notches. These tools are ideal for cutting at high speeds and they can cut several different thread sizes as long as the thread pitch is consistent. They can also be used to cut and chamfer with a single tool.

If you need quality thread milling tools, check out our inventory at Online Carbide. We carry a selection of thread mills made with solid carbide. The carbide tool stock ensures a stable cutting surface for cutting very accurate threads. We also coat all of thread millings with a titanium aluminum nitride coating. This TiAlN coating helps protect the thread mill against the fatigue caused by high heat.

So if you are ready to thread mill pipe thread in your shop, visit Online Carbide. We carry thread mills, traditional end mills, drill bits, and more all manufactured in the US using high-quality carbide stock. If you have any questions about our thread mills or any of our other carbide cutting tools, you can reach us at 630-238-1424 or sales@onlinecarbide.com.

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