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Get Your Next Survival Pocket Knife from White Mountain Knives

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Settling on a pocket knife for survival is a trying task. The user has to make many important considerations such as weight, construction, method of carriage, and most importantly, the foreseen purposes to which the knife will be exerted. In addition, a Survival Pocket Knife must be able to handle all tasks that one might encounter in the field while sacrificing a minimum of attributes.

Some of the tasks that you might consider putting your knife to are cleaning game and fish, otherwise preparing food, splitting logs or whittling feather sticks, carving tools from wood or reeds, and other coarse tasks like excavation. Deciding on one puts your ultimate faith in your selection, so it is imperative to consider all of your input and trust in your choice, since, as they say, take care of your knife, and it will take care of you.

Once you’ve compiled the qualities necessary for a survival knife, you can narrow down the list. Given the aforementioned qualities, there are a few choices that will suit many equally well under a wide range of circumstances in the field.

One of these such is the CRKT M21 folding knife in plain edge. Its 3 ? inch blade is short enough for detail work like carving and filleting, but long enough to pry or split. Moreover, the spear point is the perfect balance between a more fragile clipped blade and the obtuse strength of a drop point. The liner lock is strong yet convenient to engage and disengage rapidly and allows for harder use than some folders would tolerate. It also sports a pocket clip so that, at your discretion, the knife can be ported easily at the top of a pocket for quick deployment.

Another winner is the Kershaw Blur S30V with assisted opening. A 3.4 inch S30V blade provides similar capabilities to the CRKT, and the aluminum handle is nearly indestructible. With an assist open, the knife can be readied in effectively the same speed as a drawn fixed blade, and its strong liner lock provides the same strength today as many fixed blades of the past. In many ways, this makes this knife a lighter variant of such blades, and lightness is a savior in survival.

Similar yet equally capable is Cold Steel’s Recon 1, with a 4 inch CPM-S35VN spear point hollow ground blade. The spear point boasts of advantages already delineated and, though the hollow grind may be a challenge to resharpen, it will when at its peak deliver a cutting edge that nearly cannot be matched. The larger blade and stronger lock back mechanism enable this knife to more readily tackle heavier chores like chopping and boning, at no compromise to the tool or the fatigue of the bearer. This is a knife that will handle abuse and continue to faithfully deliver to those who carry it in the face of the staunchest adversity.

Once you’ve chosen your survival pocket knife or a few for that matter, you need to decide how to procure it. Luckily, that’s a significantly easier decision to make. In fact, there are many survival pocket knives that will deliver, but there is one clear winner when it comes to where to find them. White Mountain Knives, with its peerless selection, excellent customer service and free shipping in the United States comes out on top.

Not only is their selection without equal, their excellent vendor relationships mean that in the event you settle on a knife that you do not see on their page, they likely can access it for you affordably and readily. So when you’re ready to pull the trigger on your survival pocket knife of choice, head to WhiteMountainKnives.com.

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