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Go With Ultra Bright Lightz for Your Emergency Dash Lights

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Running a fleet of emergency vehicles comes with quite a lot of responsibilities. Managing hazardous conditions, navigating perilous terrain, and developing strategies to approach crises are only a few of these. Buying and installing emergency vehicle lighting shouldn’t be one. Unfortunately, it is, and that’s why Ultra Bright Lightz is such a breath of fresh air. With so many other critically important tasks to oversee, it is a pain to worry about where your fleet’s emergency lighting comes from and how to install it, much less how to maintain it. The good thing is that Ultra Bright Lightz sells some of the most durable and affordable emergency lighting found anywhere, and with the specs to prove it. In fact, Ultra Bright Lightz was actually created in response to the headache of expensive, difficult to install service lighting that was prevalent in the industry. Simply put, Ultra Bright Lightz makes the toughest, cheapest, and yes, brightest, lights available to emergency crews.

From bar lights to deck lights to Emergency Dash Lights, Ultra Bright Lightz has one of the most impressive selections of emergency vehicle lighting around, found in multiple factory set configurations and custom designs, in every color imaginable and with programmed patterns and upgradable features. Though one may find nearly every possible configuration of emergency lighting at Ultra Bright Lightz, when you need to outfit your vehicles with emergency dash lights there are a few specific models that fit the bill and do an excellent job of it.

One of the more basic offerings is the UBL U-Lite 2X Dash Light, a simple plug and play design that can be mounted to the windshield and features flash guards to minimize glare off of the windshield. Available in a one or two color array in either white, blue, red, amber or green and capable of installation via a cigarette port, this is the ultimate in no-frills, no-nonsense LED emergency lighting. In a few short motions, it can be deployed – it requires no internal wiring (and minimal external, for that matter) and is ready synched to hit the road. With 18 built-in flash patterns, it’s everything you and your crews need when handling a crisis, without having to worry about the lights.

With a dashing of heavier hardware and a few more flash patterns programmed in, is the UBL Ilumex 2X Dash Light. It features the same single or dual color configuration of the former model and in the same colors, but it incorporates 19 ready programmed flash patterns and features a water and weather resistant housing to better cope with the rigors of emergency work.

At the higher end of the spectrum are units like the Feniex Fusion 2X Single Color Dash Light. With 180 degrees of visibility and available in five colors, this is what other dash lights strive to be. It comes with up to 40 flash patterns and with either 12 or 24 high power LEDs. Keeping with the Ultra Bright Lightz philosophy, this unit is rugged, weather resistant, ready programmed and requires almost no special work prior to deployment other than seating it in place and plugging it in.

If it weren’t enough that Ultra Bright Lightz sold top quality, no frills, ultra-durable emergency lighting at rock bottom pricing, perhaps the remainder of their business model is. They are ready to stand behind the equipment they offer, with a 30-day return policy and warranties ranging from 2 to 5 years on most models. They also provide bulk discounts and $9.99 flat rate shipping. For honesty and truly rugged emergency lighting, there’s no other name but Ultra Bright Lightz. To see what’s in store, head to UltraBrightLightz.com today.

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