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Google Docs to Drive Migration – Without Any Failure

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This post lists common reasons why businesses are looking for solutions to migrate Google Docs to Drive. Here, you’ll learn about the top 3 ways users following which users can easily transfer Google Drive storage to another Google Drive account.

“Hello everyone! I use G Drive to store my work data, but today my G Drive storage space shows that it is full. As we know that Google only provides 15GB of storage is free. So, I want to export Google Drive data to another Google Drive account. Please elucidate me with the solution to do the same without any complications!

Reasons to Migrate Google Drive to Docs

The migration can include any items, such as photos, documents, tables, videos, audios, and other data stored on the Google Drive platform.

  1. The new G Drive account (destination) may contain more storage space and enhanced features than the previous account. Therefore, customers need a solution for moving Google Drive files to another account to upgrade their drive storage space online. In addition, users may move Google Drive to another account for the following reasons:
  2. Students must transfer their documents from the university’s G Drive tenant to their personal account after they have fully graduated.
  3. Salespeople who have resigned have to move the documents so that they can access their new office Google Drive account.

Transfer Google Docs to Drive – Best Workarounds

In order to migrate Google Drive to another Google Drive, there are three feasible methods.

Solution #1: Download and Upload Data

This method can be considered when a Google user has to download all the data of the old Google Drive account on the local PC. The time it takes to download data will entirely depend on the amount of the data and the speed of the Internet connection. After the download is completed, upload the downloaded file to your new Google Drive account.

This method of moving Google Drive to another account is fraught with risks to some extent. It requires users to have enough storage space on their PCs and will spend a lot of precious time, which may be 1 hour, 1 day, or even 1 week.

Solution #2: Move data into the New User Accounts

Google Drive customers can use another method to transfer Google Drive storage to another account, which does not require any PC storage. They can share all the old G Drive files to the new account, and then immediately save the shared data to the new Google Drive account.

Implementing this method is very difficult and risky, because if G Drive’s security is compromised, it may lead to cyber threats or data leakage. If users want to save them on a new tenant, they must rename all shared documents.

Solution #3: Direct Google Docs to Drive Migration

The process of exporting/migrating Google Drive to another account can be simple, without downloading or sharing files. This direct method for transferring Google Drive files to another account can prove to be a quick and easy solution to this process. It involves the use of software called the SysTools Google Drive Migration tool, which is a simplified application for performing such tasks. Customers only need to download and install the product, and then perform the following steps in a sequential manner:

  • Run the installed migration application on your computer and select the source and destination accounts.

  • Now select “Documents” at the bottom of the same screen. Apply the required filters.

  • On the Source screen, add administrator details such as email and service account. Download the certificate file and Validate.

  • On the Destination screen, enter the required information and click Validate button to grant permission.

  • Finally, add users to the software panel. You can do this by fetching users, or by importing them via a CSV file.

  • After adding users, validate them for one last time and click Start Migration to start the process.

The Final Verdict

This article details the top 3 solutions to migrate Google Docs to Drive account. We have tried explaining our user to one of the most asked queries about “how to move Google Drive storage to another Google Drive account”. Users can choose anyone they think is suitable for the task at their own convenience.

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