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The Impact of Google Reviews On Businesses

by Soft2share.com
Google review for business

Over the years, businesses have leveraged the power of the Internet to promote their products or services. 

The internet has transformed the way businesses function and the way customers shop. Before making any purchase, the first thing that customers do is to check reviews online before finalizing their buying decision. 

Google has become a hit amongst shoppers and before buying anything, they immediately check out what other customers have to say about the product. Google reviews come in extremely handy to the shopper while they are in the decision-making process. 

Brands have started embedding a Google review widget on their website to increase the dwell time of the visitors and to make the website more attractive. 

Embedding a google review widget on the website is the most beneficial way to engage and interest your audience more in your brand. 

In this blog, we will explain the importance of Google reviews and the top 5 benefits too. 

Let’s get started! 

How Important Are Google Reviews For Any Business?


If you are looking for the best way to increase the visibility and credibility of your brand, then Google reviews are the perfect solution for you! 

You can use Google Reviews QR Code to increase the number of reviews and easily communicate with your existing and potential customers to build social proof and instill trust in your customers.

To simply put it across, people trust google reviews much more than the brand’s published content since they have more faith in other customers than the brand itself. 

Listed below are the top benefits of using Google reviews for your business. 

Keep reading to know more! 

How Can Brands Benefit By Using Google Reviews?

1. Increased Brand Trust 

Surveys suggest that 72% of customers trust positive reviews as it makes them trust the brand much more than any other source. All that customers are looking for is transparency. 

This gives brands and businesses an added advantage and a solid reason to collect Google reviews and embed them on their website to further increase the trust of customers in their brand. 

2. Easy Customer Conversion

More than half of the work is done when your customers visit your website. Once they visit your website and see what your customers have experienced with your brand in the past, it instills a sense of trust and confidence in them to make a purchase. 

There’s no doubt that providing visitors a seamless and smooth experience on the website without any hindrance is crucial. However, Google reviews when displayed on the website can show some incredible results and massive growth in conversions and sales. 

3. Improved Click-Through Rate

Having Google reviews is a brilliant way to increase your click-through rate on your website. You may try all the best SEO strategies in the world but if you are not getting any clicks on your website, then all your efforts are for sure going down the drain. 

Since your Google rating will be displayed next to your business name on Google, a collection of positive google reviews will let your page get those extra clicks and further improve your click-through rate on your website. 

4. Better Analysis Of Customer’s Behaviour 

Google Reviews can give you a much better understanding of what your customers expect from your brand and think about your brand. Google reviews can more or less give a reality check of your brand. 

Apart from the positive reviews, reading the negative reviews can give you a better understanding of the areas which need improvement and how you can improvise and make your business better. 

Bonus Tip – Always remember to respond to your reviews. Be it positive or negative, always reply back to reviews politely and acknowledge every review. This will further motivate your audiences to review more since they start seeing your brand as friendly. 

5. Improved Local SEO 

Google reviews can efficiently improve your Local SEO since your reviews get displayed in the map pack. Apart from the same old SEO methods like blogging and keyword research, google reviews too can drastically improve your SEO rating. 

Google loves content that is appealing enough for your customers. Once customers start searching for your brand online, it will over a period of time start ranking higher on Google too. 

Summing It Up

If you are looking for the perfect solution to build brand trust, make a social proof along with improving your Local SEO, then Google reviews will surely help you attain the mentioned. 

Being a business, if you are not leveraging the power of Google reviews, then you surely are missing out on an amazing way to drastically increase your user engagement, improve your brand visibility and awareness and gradually increase your conversion rate and sales. 

Not to forget, Google reviews are absolutely Free of cost! 

Is there any other free method using which you can avail the mentioned benefits? We don’t think so! 


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