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Google Search console Beginner Guide

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Google Search console was primarily known as Google Webmaster Tools. GSC is tool is apt for everyone owning a website. This free platform allows you to monitor the performance based on Google search results. In other words, Google monitors and rates every website based on which optimization of presence is done. To create an account, it could be done by you or website development company in Hyderabad can help. Using this GSC, website owners can monitor the website performance, device generating more traffic, popular pages of your site, high traffic queries and other related tasks. This information allows you to fix any given error and submit a sitemap.

Prior to beginning any Google search Console, web owners need to add and verify the site. This verification will also allow Google to know whether you are the website owner, Webmaster or an authorized user. Once verified by Google, it permits you to view detailed information. This information is a detailed scoop about your sights performance. Thus, this critical information is first verified by Google.

Communication tool

Once verified, owners can now login and create their Search Console account. Using this account, Google tries to communicate with you on a one-on-one basis. Its sends messages and notifications to the webmaster, if there are any errors, penalties or issues with the site. Using the help desk, few of these issues can be sorted out using their help.

Search results

Any structured data will help you rank the site better on search engine results. Google prefers to rank you based on this data. Using Google console, users can structure the data that would help you rank your site better. This section will showcase the list of data that are unstructured and wrongly implemented.

Data highlighter is a tool that helps Google identify the pattern of your data on the website. Using this webmaster tool, you can tag the data fields just with a click of a button. This option becomes a guiding tool by using which Google can present the data more accurately and efficiently. They will look for attractive ways to display that data on the search results.  

HTML improvements is a simple report that displays if you have any duplicate meta descriptions or if there is any issues in meta tags. If there are missing or wrongly entered title tags, this section highlights the areas that need improvement.

Keyword search

Keyword is the most essential concept in SEO. For an organic search keywords are the ones that defines the site ranking on search engines. To reach on top of search results, Google Search Console’s Keyword search, helps identify the most common keywords to be used that will generate more traffic to your site. This page also generates the information about the pages that show up for the search engine results. For even more specific report, you can even identify the keywords commonly used that has driven traffic to the site and the number of times visitors have clicked on the link. This tool also defines the people and from which country they belong to. You can also identify that these people use to reach your web page.

You can take advantage of this portal by identifying the keywords that are commonly used and the keywords that need to be replaced. Develop your content based on the keywords. SEO strategy should focus on replacing the ineffective keywords with new ones.

Popular pages

Once you have identified the keywords, you can now identify the most popular pages of the website. Say, among 10 pages, you can now view the pages that generate the maximum number of traffic to your site. You can filter the search and view the set of pages that are most popular. For a detailed information, this portal displays the list of viewers and the pages they have seen the least to the pages seen the most.


 The visitors can come from different places or countries. Google Search console generate information about your viewers. Which part of the world has maximum of your visitors and where are they placed. Reaching them becomes easier for you using this data. Now you can adapt this information and modify the data to serve them better.

Device control

 Every business needs a website easily used in laptops and mobile phones. As the loading time shouldn’t take longer, you need to makes sure to have a different version for smart phones. Though a better version for phones is available, you still need to know the number of visitors coming in from each device. It is good to have information about the visitors using your website data from which device.

External links

Backlinks are an important factor in SEO. Every external link is ranked differently based on the number of clicks or popularity. Google ranks you on the basis of these external links. The more the links you have, the better are your chances of being an authoritative site. If there are any abnormal links, using this tool, you can spot them and remove and negative SEO. Even if there are any spam websites or low quality websites linking to your site, you can take a look and eliminate them easily.

Control panel

Optimization is a task that needs to be done on regular intervals to manage SEO. GSC also has a control centre which can be used manage the data. As you will continuously improving the content and redefining your site settings, through this control centre you can easily submit and monitor your sitemaps, let GSC evaluate the errors, if any. Google Search Console tackles every minor area to help you generate detailed information about the data and your visitors. All this information can be used to develop and modify your SEO strategy. All this can be used at your advantage to generate maximum traffic. But at the same time, you need to make sure not to violate the guidelines provided by Google Search Console. You could get penalized for unnatural linking your site. You could also take help of SEO Company in Hyderabad to get a guide about the same. Thus, using GSC can be beneficial if used the right way. If you are serious about managing and optimizing your site, this is the right tool for you.

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