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Guest-Post_-AppJetty_-X-Benefits-of-Using-a-Dynamics-365-Map-Plugin (1)

by Gulam Moin

Benefits of using a Dynamics 365 Map Plugin

To maximize software efficiency and for achieving the best results, many companies allocate considerable resources, both financial and time, towards updating their software. Your organization may also do this.

However, you may still need help simplifying things even after attempting various techniques. Managing sales representatives who operate outside of the office is a major issue that many organizations encounter.

Increasing the number of tools sometimes solves the problem and may worsen it. Rather than resolving issues, it might need to be clarified. There are numerous obstacles to overcome, but a Dynamics 365 map plugin offers an easy solution. Stay here to know about the benefits of Using a Dynamics 365 Map Plugin:

Advanced data analytics and reports

Plotting all of your CRM records on maps is possible when integrating Dynamics 365 maps with your CRM. Having a summary of your records is easier. It is simple to see visually which region has more customers and needs extra attention.

To identify the areas that need improvement, there is also a heat map option. With the help of this integration, you may explore an area in greater depth and filter the regions according to sales, profit, and revenue.

To improve the illustration of various operations, there are numerous dashboard options, such as sales activity, performance, summary, etc. Your staff only has to log in to see the regions to which they have been assigned.

Additionally, managers can make and distribute personalized reports to their team members. Managers can use these reports to establish initiatives for the future. It can assist a company in growing properly.

Advanced Search

Thus, an employee can see consumers within a specified radius anytime in a specific area via Dynamics 365 Map. Therefore, your field staff can visit the local clients and maximize the benefits of your planned marketing campaign in that area. You can boost your field staff’s efficiency by utilizing this function.

The manager can save and distribute the results to other team members after filtering them. You may allow different team members different access, such as sharing edit permissions or just viewing, to secure your results.

Find the best route

You are all used to finding your way by using apps, and they have undoubtedly made your life easier. Salespeople even use these apps to find the location of their next client. But when people use these programs, they run into trouble.

They usually have to make several customer visits in a single day. In the end, they have to manually input the locations of each client into the map app one by one. A route that effectively visits every place they must visit in a single day is lacking, even if the map includes instructions for each spot.

Due to their ignorance of which clients are near one another, sales representatives frequently return to the same locations without a thorough route. Fortunately, map plugins can create routes that cover every client location.

These routes are smart, and they forecast a probable arrival time and stay clear of extremely congested areas. If traffic circumstances alter, the plugin recommends quicker routes. It functions similarly to the maps on your phones, except that you don’t need to enter the locations by hand.

Improved Productivity

It happens occasionally that a meeting ends early or canceled for some other reason. Sales representatives might meet with clients near during this time. Proximity search is a feature seen on maps. Nearby clients are visible to the sales representatives.

The clients within a specific mile area would be displayed in the search results. The sales representatives can select the closest one and contact them to determine whether they are accessible. As a result, they would be more productive and save time.

Managing teams more efficiently

It can be easy to assign tasks, but it can be harder to manage them once they are allocated. It is necessary to monitor everyone’s assignments and assess whether they have been completed.

Fake client meetings are the biggest problem any sales consultant managing field sales personnel has experienced. They need to find out if their employees are meeting the needs of every customer. Your sales executive’s plan will never succeed if the team fails to function as it should.

It represents your company badly when a sales representative sets up a meeting with a client and, for whatever reason, the client fails to arrive on time. If a customer is willing to overlook the time to see your sales personnel, then it becomes essential for your company to ensure that the appointment occurs on time.

Sales staff can check in immediately as they arrive at the appointment with the Dynamics 365 Map plugin. Once they reached the specified location, they could check-in. The sales VP can see every sales associate present at meetings.

When the meeting is over, the sales representatives will go. They can include the details of the encounter in the sales reference. Vice presidents might make the first move to see if any of their team members are in a meeting before reaching out to them.

Data categorization

It can be intimidating to have access to thousands of documents. When the vision power is removed, it becomes difficult to make decisions in the future. However, you have more organized data classification options with Dynamics 365 maps.

These can be easily understood by applying color coding. From your smartphone, you can perform all of these tasks.

You may display only the layers or fields you want to see with this function, hiding the others. It creates a grid for you to filter out the most crucial information automatically. It would be simpler to plot several records belonging to various categories on a map.

It will create a comprehensive map that is clear and useful. It is a feature that greatly aids revenue generation and opens up future potential.

Reduce traveling time

When the sales representatives meet with clients, they typically arrive at the site using their phones. They learned later that one of the customers was related to the first. They spend a great deal of time in such back and forth. It takes up much of their time and uses a lot of fuel.

Routes with tolls, highways, road closures, etc., can be avoided, making them intelligently optimized. However, there is a feature on the maps called route optimization.

The map will provide the best path for the sales representatives when they input the list of clients they need to meet. The sales representatives would arrive at their destination on schedule because the route takes the shortest path.

Appointment planning

Clients get a first impression of your brand based on how you schedule appointments and whether you keep them. It is important for the expansion and development of your company. Your approach may promote a close relationship with clients and facilitate more effective management of subsequent interactions.

It is possible to schedule meetings with clients from a certain region using the Dynamics 365 map integration. Since there will be less traveling, it will be simpler for the staff to have appointments closer.

Dynamics 365 Map makes sure that the employee’s appointments are scheduled so that they do not interfere with any other appointments and that they have adequate time to get there. They will attend an appointment and will arrive on time this way.

Better customer insights

It is essential to comprehend your client’s preferences if you want to deliver top-notch customer service and boost revenue. You can divide and examine your clientele according to their geographical place with the help of Dynamics 365 Map Plugins.

This can assist you in providing localized promotions, focusing your marketing efforts on particular areas, and raising consumer involvement. Map plugins can also be used to monitor and evaluate the movements and interactions of your customers.

Easy customization and scalability

The Dynamics 365 Map Plugins are made to be extremely flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of your business. The functionality, layers, and map views can all be customized to meet your needs.

You can increase the plugin’s usage as your company develops and grows to meet the needs of new use cases and data sources.

Increasing the data’s visual appeal

You need the correct insights into your data for your marketing campaigns to be successful, for your sales to rise, and for everything else good to happen to you. When it comes to managing customer information, Dynamics 365 Map Plugins excels.

The name of the client or the name of the neighborhood can be seen by moving your cursor over the pin on a map associated with each CRM record to reveal further details.

You have control over the data that shows up when someone clicks. Using this plugin will help you visualize and carry out your ideas more clearly.

Winding up

Users of Dynamics 365 can use this plugin and discover its advantages to boost sales for your company. The capabilities and tools of Dynamics 365 Map Plugins enable your business to prosper in a data-driven and location-aware environment.

Accept the advantages of Dynamics 365 Map Plugins and use location-driven, better-informed decision-making to grow your company.

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