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GulAhmed | The Top Brand in the Market

by Soft2share.com

GulAhmed is one of the leading brands in Pakistan. When it comes to weaving, printing, embroidery & embellishments,constantly strive to challenge the limitations. The cloth used is not mere fabric, they treat it like an artist treats his canvas; with the love, respect & dedication that it deserves. Gul Ahmed offers the latest trends, colours and cuts in  ready-to- wear, unstitched and embroidered occasion wear.

The reason why it is the top brand in the market is because they offer everything for everyone and for every occasion. They have unstitched, ready-to-wear, embroidered, semi- formals, formals, kids wear, mens wear and everything you could think of. This is why they are known for one stop shop, because you get everything under one umbrella.

If you have an upcoming event or any formal dinner you can get yourself a dress of GulAhmed pk, along with that you can get yourself a matching pair of heels as well to complete the classy look. The delivery service they provide is pretty amazing. Never delayed, never mismanaged. Not once did I get a wrong item in my parcel or get anything delayed from their side. Even when the pandemic was at its peak, they maintained their product quality and the delivery service. Saying this because I have personally experienced it many times. It is a Go-To brand in our family. Hands down the best service ever. I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

Avoid the hassle of traffic and switch to online shopping.

ATTENTION! Here’s the good news, GulAhmed is now also available on LAAM.pk. The best news ever. The two top leading platforms collaborated.

Go checkout the LAAM’s website, and avail the sales they are offering before everything gets sold out. 

Getting into the details of the product, it is so good. I can say this confidently because my mum likes their fabrics so much and when moms approve the fabric, no arguments are felt to be done, lols! 

It’s never fading pigments, the soft and smooth texture of the lawn, most importantly the dupatta, it maintains that finest quality as well. The length of the unstitched fabric is pretty sufficient. You get the full length sleeves, full length shirt easily. There’s no issue with the length of the fabric anytime.

As the summer season is incomplete without lawn suits, so I opted for the GulAhmed Summer Lawn collection. I shopped from their Rang Angan Collection for Eid a week back and my parcel arrived in 3 working days. My mom loved the stuff and everything about it as usual. So she ordered one suit for herself without me knowing. Usually she takes an opinion from me before she orders something online, but when it comes to GulAhmed, clearly no opinion is required because it’s that good quality. Coming back to my mom’s order, a few days back I went back home from the office and the first thing she did is showing me the suit she ordered for herself. I was pretty amazed and happy at the same moment. 

Last but not the least, everyone should get their hands on these collections, you won’t regret buying it. Eid is almost a week away now, so Ready to wear is an option to try out because no tailor will stitch for you at this time as they are fully booked already. Sigh!

Also their collections get sold out real quick, so no more wait just shop it.

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