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Handmade Moroccan rug black and white, Beni ourain rug

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There can be several reasons why a person thinks of a rug but there are things that worry some. Everyone has questions about the design and quality of the rug. If you have these questions about this Moroccan rug as well, here are some answers.

The quality of this rug.

This Moroccan carpet is specially made using some special Moroccan techniques that make this berber rug distinct from others. The berber carpet is woven with these techniques that give it a very excellent feel and is very soft and comfortable to touch. 

  • High quality of this beni rug.

The quality of our Beni Ourain rug makes it very useful for all types of weather. You can sit on it comfortably for extended sessions on cold winter days. Even on hot summer days, it will keep you off the hot floor.

Materials used for Beni Ourain industries
This Ourain rug is made especially from 100% pure wool and that is why it is so distinct from others. Wool weave using antique Moroccan techniques which give a very fine texture. To give the wool different colors, the wool is dyed with excellent quality fabric dyes ensuring that the colors of this rug will not disappear in the coming years.

  • The designs and style of this berber rug

Since the rug represents old¬†Moroccan rug black and white¬†¬†knitting techniques, it has some special patterns that make it very elegant. The rug has a cool and antique design, and the best part is that these patterns don’t print on the top of the surface.
These are the distinctive woolen fabrics that are planted and woven together using antique Moroccan textile techniques. This makes it possible to create some designs in the body of the rug and also increases the life and beauty of the rug itself.

  • Where can this rug be used?

Collectively the design and layout of this rug makes a rug used in all styles. It contains these patterns that can blend easily with any type of sim

Its design and patterns make it usable in any room in the home. It can also be placed in an office

  • Why should you buy this rug?

For this rug, its design and color are the biggest reason to buy it. In addition, the quality of the construction and the traditional techniques used in weaving this rug are one of the biggest reasons to purchase it.

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