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Have It Your Way With KeyMod

by Soft2share.com

These days, it seems like you don’t even have to be a gun owner to know that there is a whole world of aftermarket options and accessories out there to buy! All it takes is a cursory glance at some of the seemingly endless racks of gun enthusiast magazines and publications, and one will be presented with images of high tech scopes, tactical flashlights, adjustable grips, and so much more. But while these eye-catching items can be tantalizing to look at, many firearms don’t come outfitted with the proper rail or attachment systems to secure them to it at the time of sale. So, unless you’ve got a more modern, accessory-ready rifle at home, chances are you’re going to have to look into installing a mounting system if you want to equip all those must-have gadgets. Several iterations of these attachment systems have gained popularity over the years, some with their design origins based on military application, while others made to cater to civilian use. In a fairly recent development, however, many rifle owners have been making the switch to the highly modular and easy to attach Keymod Handguard for this purpose. But what exactly is KeyMod?

12" Keymod GEN2 Free-Float Handguard AR-15 Aluminum

To get a little understanding of just what makes KeyMod the best way to add accessory rails to your rifle, let’s first look at some of the disadvantages of the old style systems. These setups include the once nearly ubiquitous Weaver and Picatinny ‘full rail’ Rail Integration Systems (RIS). The Weaver mount, while still fairly popular among some sport shooters, has well known issues with tolerances that have lead to scopes canting off center over time. It is also less modular than KeyMod, being so specifically engineered that attachments designed to fit other rail systems often won’t fit on a Weaver rail. This means that many accessories will require adapters for them to be used. Picatinny rails suffer their main drawback when it comes to ergonomics – it is a common complaint among users of the system that adding it on to their rifle makes the handguard too large and bulky to grip. As well, it is notable that this is the heaviest of the three attachment systems, and no shooting enthusiast worth their salt needs to be told why additional weight on the barrel end of a rifle is a bad thing!

KeyMod handguards are the best solution to all these shortcomings, utilizing an extremely simple ‘keyhole’ shaped aperture to slot and lock in your desired attachments. Even better, the KeyMod modular system allows you to do away with the weight and bulk issues that come with the Weaver full rail setup. The secret behind this lies in the individual sections of rail that can be added or taken away anywhere along the length of the handguard, such that you can limit their placement to just the spots where you feel they are necessary. This highly flexible and unique degree of customization allows you to retain your rifle’s low profile, comfortable grip, and minimal weight while still giving you options for add-ons! That’s why, when you boil it all down, there’s simply no better option to secure aftermarket parts to your rifle than with a KeyMod handguard.

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