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High Quality, Affordable Stub and Jobber Drills at Online Carbide

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When shopping around for carbide products, you’re sure to come across a wide range of venders charging outrageous prices. Online Carbide is different. Designed for the toughest jobs, our carbide stub and jobber drills are expertly made in the USA specifically for Online Carbide’s store. We do all our manufacturing ourselves, using the same raw materials and grinding on the same equipment as the best in the business, which means our stock is top quality, with a significant added benefit; because we manufacture our own products, we can cut out the middle man. We don’t have to pay distributors because we don’t have any – we distribute our own products directly to you.

Other online stores will sell you stub and jobber drills at high markup prices in order to make a profit, because they themselves already had to pay the manufacturer’s markup price. You can opt instead to order products directly from the manufacturers themselves, but in order to protect their distributors, they have to price their products much higher for end users than they would when selling to the distributor. At Online Carbide, we don’t have distributors, so we don’t have that problem. Unlike our competitors, we aren’t re-sellers, so we can offer you all our products at the same prices most manufacturers would only offer to distributors. When you shop with us, you get the same high quality products for a fraction of the price.

Online Carbide focuses on variety in addition to quality. We offer both stub and jobber drills in a large assortment of sizes for your convenience. We keep a wide collection of fractional stub drills, ranging from our 1/16″ (.0625) STUB DRILL which runs for $5.95 with dimensions of 5/8″ LOC; 1-5/8″ OAL; 135° POINT; 15° RHH, to the 3/4″ (.7500) STUB DRILL, a 3-1/8″ LOC; 5″ OAL; 135° POINT; 15° RHH bit that costs $129.50. That’s 30% less than the price certain competitors are charging. And with over 30 other sizes, including 15/64”, 7/32”, and 1/8”, we’re sure to have the exact size stub drill you’re seeking. Our fractional jobber drill collection is vast and inclusive as well, from the $4.95 1/16″ (.0625) JOBBER DRILL (3/4″ LOC; 1-1/2″ OAL; 118° POINT; 25° RHH) to the affordable 1/2″ (.5000) JOBBER DRILL (3″ LOC; 4-3/4″ OAL; 118° POINT; 25° RHH), which will only run you $55.40 – over 30% less than competitor prices.

If you prefer to work with letter gauge tools, rest assured that we carry the full range from A-Z for both stub and jobber drills. Our A (.2340) STUB DRILL and A (.2340) JOBBER DRILL (the dimensions of which are 1-5/16″ LOC; 2-7/16″ OAL; 135° POINT; 15° RHH and 2″ LOC; 3-1/4″ OAL; 118° POINT; 25° RHH, respectively) cost $14.20 each. Meanwhile the Z (.4130) STUB DRILL, measured as 1-15/16″ LOC; 3-5/16″ OAL; 135° POINT; 15° RHH, is just $42.35, and its jobber counterpart costs only about a dollar more.

Those who deal in wire size drills are sure to find the best fit for their needs as well, as Online Carbide manufactures drills in every wire size from 52 all the way to 1. Prices range from $6.25 for size 52 up to $13.75 for size 1 stub drills, and from $6.25 for size 1 to $12.10 for size 52 jobber drills. Other companies can sell wire size 1 carbide jobber drills for as much as $30.95. When you buy from Online Carbide, you’ll save as much as 60% on your wire size drills.

Finally, at Online Carbide we also sell drills in metric sizes for those who prefer not to work in inches. We carry stub drills in every half millimeter size from 2.0mm to 12.5mm. Prices run from $6.25 for the 2.0MM (.0787) STUB DRILL (19MM LOC; 45MM OAL; 135° POINT; 15° RHH) up to $55.00 for the 12.5MM (.4921) STUB DRILL (56MM LOC; 94MM OAL; 135° POINT; 15° RHH). Our jobber drills fall within the same metric size range, from 2.0mm to 12.5mm, and are affordably priced from $5.40 for the 2.0MM (.0787) JOBBER DRILL (22MM LOC; 45MM OAL; 118° POINT; 25° RHH) to $55.95 for a 12.5MM (.4921) JOBBER DRILL (76MM LOC; 121MM OAL; 118° POINT; 25° RHH).

At Online Carbide it is our mission to provide high quality carbide cutting tools at the best value possible. We sell all our products at manufacturer direct pricing in order to make thread milling a cost efficient option for all our customers. All UPS GROUND shipped orders totaling over $250 will ship free, and most of our items can be shipped the same day you place your order. If you need your order to ship quickly, we also offer UPS BLUE and UPS RED shipping options. You can also contact us in advance to check our stock before placing your order. Once you have placed an order, we will then contact you with all your delivery information. As for payment, we accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

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