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How AR and VR Will Transform Various Industries in 2018

by Soft2share.com

In a handful of year’s areas of technology such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) created the path for many industries. Without any doubt, augmented and virtual realities become pillars of many industries where consumers find the most applicable use of these Technologies.

Industries like sports, retail, and even small business are reaping the benefits. AR and VR are running parallel to create an opportunity for industries to implement applications in their work.  Today growing number of high-tech products and projects utilize these platforms for user benefits and this is the reason why advancement in technology is occurring with exponential pace.

These platforms meet all key customer-engagement strategies. In AR Smart device overlay digital objects onto a surrounding real-life environment and gives totally new experience whereas VR explores into a completely computer-generated environment which is out of the box.


When it comes about the education industry, AR/VR models take the class to another level. From textbooks to 3D models learning become more immersive. It will be a lot easier to teach students by showing information through different AR/VR solutions.

These solutions are helping at the time of giving training and interacting with deaf children. AR will give video overlay for words, allowing them to understand how to write a word. Meantime, students can also get connected to their professors and teachers with the help of AR’s video overlay. With AR/VR, students can interact with three-dimensional representations of the body.

Retail & Marketing

Augmented Reality and Virtual reality is helping in grabbing the strength in the market. It is also assisting a lot of marketers and sales professionals in capturing customer preferences and selections. Sales representatives can showcase their products in a highly realistic manner forecasting directly the customers.

Using these advanced technologies also helps in sharing product catalogs that are a lot easier than before. One can also get the access to up-to-date information. AR devices come with a user interface comprising speech and gesture or touch screen that helps the field service engineers to work efficiently.

In order to get feedback and interact with an expert, AR-based video conferencing and collaboration tools can help in a perfect manner.


When it comes about ARVR in pharma and healthcare industry, it is supporting healthcare organizations in making their earlier processes more exact and effective. Apart from that, it is also helping in saving lots of lives.

 These solutions are helping doctors to perform surgeries more efficiently. There are lots of institutions who have already adopted this high-end technology. It will help researchers in teaching difficult subjects to medical students with visual samples.

There are various AR/VR applications available for medical industries that are helping doctors in their daily process. The best example is AccuVein (handheld scanner) that allow doctors and nurses to find a vein for an injection.

It also allows doctors in saving a huge time and eliminates discomfort for the patient. One video support platform, during a surgery, to guide helps the surgeon in one location and project hands onto the display of another surgeon’s Google Glass.

 Travel and tourism

It can be noticed that the travel and tourism industry is going through a huge change as there are many new AR/VR based applications available in the market. These solutions are helping tourist to get right directions and routes to his desirable destinations. For example, one of the features is to translate the signs on the boards and provide detail information about any destination or location.

By adding the layer of AR technology in a mobile travel application, it is possible to provide a completely new cultural experience to users. Smartphones are getting smarter by getting adapted to augmented reality app such as Wordlens. An app like this allows users to aim at signs and automatically translate them. This facilitates directly international business travelers who use the sign that could be useful for them.

Real Estate

This technology is poised to be a game changer for the real industry market of India. Augmented Reality based computer-generated images of existing environments or infrastructure makes them more appealing. It enables prospective home buyers to view properties as finished products even when they are under construction through 360-degree, 3-D videos.

Using this technology, real estate companies that have projects with construction in progress can give a right idea of what the homes will look like when they will be ready. Moreover, with a just single click, clients can visualize changes to a property by changing the color of a wall or by adding some kinds of furniture using AR app perspective.

It enables prospective home buyers to view properties as finished products even when they are under construction through 360-degree, 3-D videos.

Wrapping up

Though VR and AR technologies differ from each other but land at the same conclusion. These combinations of technologies make humans more smart, capable and conversant. We have just discussed how AR/VR solutions are evolving to bring the change to the common lives.

Hence AR and VR will converge into a medium where users will be able to select their level of immersion and explore the world with virtual vision.

We hope the above information about “How AR and VR Will Transform Various Industries in 2018” proves useful to you. Please feel free to share your feedback or queries in the comments section below.

Author Bio: Colleen Jansen is a digital marketing expert in Quy Technologies, a leading Virtual Reality App Development company which provides Vr App for Education, Real estate, healthcare, E-commerce industry across the globe. She loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups, and enterprises.

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