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How Can Google Reviews Effect Your Local SEO?

by Soft2share.com

When you search for your favorite restaurant, make-up brand, or wish to purchase a product online, the very first thing that you probably look for is their reviews.  If the reviews of the particular subject are good enough, then only you decide on whether you will take their services.

Not only you, but almost 90% of the online users also put a lot of faith in Google reviews. If you have an online retail, and you wish to grow in the market, you must ensure that you have enough reviews on your site, so that people will trust your services.

How Do Google Reviews Effect Your Brand’s Local SEO?

Reviews work because it is proof of your online and social presence. People are more likely to look for a personal recommendation from previous users, and rely on those buyers’ own experiences, than to trust you blindly.

Well, that makes sense. As humans, we all tend to be a little finicky about using a new product or service. And that is the reason why reviews work like magic.

For local businesses, reviews work even faster. For example, if you run a Chinese restaurant in the city, people will trust your service only if you have an average of 4.6-star ratings. To ensure that you have good reviews on your business, you should focus on more positive reviews and try to remove negative links from Google search results.

When people keep clicking on your business page or website, looking at your positive reviews, your SEO ranking improves automatically.

Creating Your Google My Business Page

If you wish to stay ahead on the game, you have to begin by creating a google my business page. The best thing, it does not cost you anything and can help you with Local SEO to a great extent.

To create a Goole my business page, here are a few things you must understand –

  1. Choose the right category for your business.
  2. Unique description of your business.
  3. Regular updates are necessary.
  4. Put essential information on your business.
  5. Local business address.
  6. Images for your business.
  7. Customer reviews.

How to Earn Customer Reviews on Google?

You can ask your reliable customer and client base to give you reviews on your google page. It is, however, vital that you know how and when to ask for Google reviews.

Remember that it is straightforward to get negative reviews. If people don’t like something about your products or services, they will instantly put negative comments. But positive reviews don’t usually appear unless you ask for it.

Politely ask your customers to give you a 5-star rating if they are satisfied with your services. You can ask them upfront whether they liked your services or not, where you can make improvements. And if they are happy with your work, ask them to put the same on your Google my business page.

With the help of reviews on your Google My Business page, you can generate more leads and business for your brand. Know how to use reports for your business and grow online.

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