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How Cardboard Boxes With Lids Can Keep the Products Safe for Shipping?

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Nowadays one product is made in one country, and one product is made in another country. Therefore, if one country needs other country product, the product is transferred by either an airplane or ship. To do so, the products should be enclosed within some specified box, which has a lid so that there is no danger of falling the product or threat regarding the taste of the product.

What are CardBoard Boxes?

These are prefabricated boxes, which are used for packaging goods and materials. Using CARDBOARD BOXES for products make these save from any damage during shipping. In addition, such boxes can attract people because these look like gift packs.

A Cardbox refers to a paper that is heavy enough like materials, including, card stock, corrugated fiberboard or paperboard.

  • Card stock is a paper thicker than the normal one.
  • Corrugated fiberboard contains a corrugated sheet and one or two flat linerboards.
  • Paperboard is a thick paper type material having different attributes like flexibility etc.

These materials vary for each product.

Types of packaging

Every shopkeeper is interested in distinct types of packaging to attract his customers to increase their money. Packaging is a decorative box used to protect the good from the outer environment. Following are some of the types of packaging:

1. Retail Packaging

2. Non-retail Packaging.

What is the retail packaging?

The term retail packaging means that once the product is sold along with the packaging on the outer side of the product but when it is returned, the packing is damaged, but the product is same as it as it is at the time of selling.

It means that the product remains safe, but the embellishment done by the seller is not fine. Retail packaging is the technique used mostly by online retail stores. If the retail packaging boxes are customized, it is one of the most eye-catching features of selling. The retail stores are also in the run of using this feature to attract customers more and more.

What is non-retail packaging?

The non-retail packaging is used for bulk packaging and as it is used for similar products, which is more economical. So it should be avoided for shipping in bulk.

Benefits of recycling cardboard

If you see, then you will know the benefits of recycling cardboard. It is made from cellulose fibers, which are obtained from trees. The material, which can be recycled, can conserve energy and helps to reduce pollution.

As the temperature of the world is getting higher day by day, that is why it is the need of today to plant trees rather than cutting them. However, without cutting trees, we cannot make pages, cardboard, etc. However, it has one alternate solution, which is the use of recycling materials for these. Recycling material cuts the pollution in half.

According to research, one ton of cardboard saves over 9 cubic yards of landfill space.

Importance of using these boxes

There are so many important points of using these cardboard boxes with lids :

  • These are lightweight and can be handled easily.
  • Using cardboard boxes make your products save from destruction.
  • You can easily put or remove your product from a cardboard box with the help of a lid.
  • Such boxes are good for packaging shoes, books, clothes and many more.
  • If you are looking for cardboard boxes with lids, then you can find easily from anywhere.
  • These are also available in any shape according to the shape of the product.
  • The most important point is the cost. You can find these at less cost than any other packaging material.
  • You can save your shipping product from rain if it may get exposed.

Disadvantages of cardboard boxes

Apart from many advantages or importance of cardboard boxes, there are some disadvantages as well:

  • These are not suitable for some specific heavy items due to less endurance to mechanical stresses.
  • On putting high weight products in a box, it may get deformed.
  • Production of cardboard is very energy and water taking process.

Burning cardboard?

As it is always said to burn things for, removing pollution but it is not in the case of cardboard. You can burn rubbish to reduce pollution. However, cardboard can be recycled so avoid burning or landfilling of it.

cardboard boxes with lids

Recycling of cardboard would reduce the cutting of trees along with the temperature. You can easily live in this world if trees and plants are available in excess, which provides oxygen.


As there are so many types of products having different dimensions, so there should be different cardboard boxes of different shapes. And yes, there are so many available in the market anyway. But when you are going for shipping, make sure to find the right box so that it does not exceed those dimensions, which are set by the courier company.

This is for the standard shipping service through Eurosender. You can send a product having weight not more than 40kg. So, you are going to choose a standard box having dimensions given on its site, which are:

  • Length of the box should not exceed 175 cm.
  • Length + 2 * width + 2* height this should not exceed 300 centimeters which is like 3 meters.


As the house has a door which closes as long as no one opens it. Similarly, the cardboard boxesare not made alone to keep products open to the environment. If this is done, then everything during transportation gets spoil. So to keep the product safe and sound from bacteria, it is necessary to close the mouth of the cardboard.

The shipment takes many days to happen. So if the product remains open for many days, it becomes tasteless colorless and odorless. Therefore, it is important first to fabricate a lid and then attach with cardboard to close the box. Closing the cardboard will give the following benefits:

  • Keep the product safe.
  • No headache about colorless.
  • No tension about odorless.
  • No tension about tasteless.
  • Bacteria do not find any way to enter in the product.
  • There is no danger that the product of the cardboard box and fall somewhere.
  • It gives an attractive look to a person who is receiving.
  • A cardboard box with good lid tells that you are responsible.
  • A person after seeing the good lid urges himself to buy that product.
  • Caring is much important for every product you are making.

Every fabricator makes his mind that his product must not be wasted anywhere. Because it can leads to loss so to avoid this, he designs such a structure so that his product remains safe from this threat.

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