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How Construction Companies are Using Apps to Better Their Efficiency

by Soft2share.com

Smart phone apps are typically a tool of leisure, a great way to come down from a long day at work. Of course, apps are also incredibly functional when they’re not used to fly angry birds into a building or swipe at fruit ninjas. In fact, many industries are incorporating productivity apps into their daily workflows – one of which is the construction sector.


It’s not hard to see how construction companies can benefit from smart phone apps since there’s often a disconnect between the jobsite and the desk. Property owners, construction supervisors, and workers can keep in touch via a real estate agent website  or mobile app that provides updates in real time. If you manage a construction company, some of the other benefits of using mobile apps include:

Tracking Print Revisions

Once construction begins on a home, for example, you might expect that blueprints are finalized and set in stone. That’s not always the case. The unpredictability of the owners as well as unforeseen circumstances during construction might necessitate a change in floor plans. When changes do occur, there is a certain chain of command that needs to be followed and that includes coordination with many people. This includes the architect, the homeowner, the construction supervisor, laborers, real estate agents, a real estate website builder, etc. Rather than reaching out one-by-one, contacting everyone via mobile app or uploading the latest blueprint revisions can save thousands of dollars in time and labor.

Asking Homeowners Questions

What happens when a question comes up and the homeowner is nowhere to be found? In the real world, for example, building material may not be available and a call must be made on a new type of granite. Rather than risking the wrong decision, a project supervisor often waits until they can get hold of the decision maker. This is the right call, but it can cause hours of delay and the ripple effect can get expensive. Apps that can take pictures in proper proportions, including exact measurements, can cut errors and omissions. Thus, guaranteeing work is on time and correct the first time around.

Creating Priorities

Creating priorities, tasks, and timelines is crucial for general contractors that have to schedule a laundry list of services such as plumbing, electricians, floor installers, etc. Apps can be used to view each contractors project in real-time and send notifications if schedules start to get behind. Such alerts can maximize time and lead to a more efficient constructions site.

Contracts & Calculations

During the bid process, there are a number of financial calculators and tools that can help provide an accurate estimate for the homeowner. The ability to consider all costs, incorporate unforeseen expenses and update quotes in real-time ensures as much accuracy as possible; making it more likely you’ll win the business.

Invoicing and Payments

Speaking of business, one thing that delays a construction site is playing the waiting game for payments from customers. Why? Because you still have to dish out money for payroll, materials, and other business expenses. Apps that can help with invoicing and automated payments help cut down administrative activities. You’ll be in a better position to continue existing projects while seeking new business for your construction company.

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