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How Contract Programmers Can Improve Your Production Line

by Soft2share.com

A CMM is a complex piece of machinery, and getting the most out of it means using the best software and running programs that are designed to meet the specific needs of your production line. Too many businesses, having invested in the best CMMs on the market, are not utilizing them to their fullest capacity — contract programmers help you get the most out of the equipment you have, and can provide expert advice on how new software can be integrated into a production system.

Naturally, every different production line will have different programming needs and require different CMM programming services — contract programming encompasses a large range of different services — but here are a few ways contract programmers can support your current programming team.

Program Writing

One of the most important services contract programmers can provide is writing programs for the various applications your equipment needs to run in order to be able to work properly. Contract programmers can do everything from simple applications related to blades and gears to complex geometry, automation interface, guided routes for portable CMMs, and customized logic routines.

Program Modification

On any production line, programs are bound to change. And when they do, it helps to have access to experts who can make the right modifications. With contract programmers, you can ensure that every program your CMM runs is optimized for your production line and the particular products and parts it is producing. If the software your CMM is running isn’t perfectly suited to your needs, contract programmers can make the necessary changes to bring it in line with your specifications.


Ultimately, you want your own team to be able to understand the CMM equipment and programs your production line is using, and when hiring contract programmers it is important to use metrology solutions providers who are willing to help train your staff on the new programs and software once they are done. Not only will this help you get the most out of your contract hire, it also ensures that your own team can handle any issues that may arise down the road, and provides a stronger knowledge base for your staff.  

When consider potential contractors, it is important to look for candidates who are experts in the metrology world. Manufacturers may use a large number of different CMMs running a vast range of different software, and finding programmers who know the different models and options is the best way to ensure that the job gets done properly. Before hiring a contract programmer, make sure they are up-to-date on the latest developments, and can offer assistance using common metrology software such asPolyWorks, Quindos, Spatial Analyzer, Measure-X, PC-DMIS, MeasureMind, PowerInspect, Tutor, RapidForm, Calypso, Docs, and Modus.

In the rapidly changing world of industrial technology, expert metrology contract programmers can play an important role in filling knowledge gaps and making sure the software you are using is optimally suited to your needs. With so much powerful technology available, it only makes sense to ensure that you are getting the most out of it by hiring programmers who understand it inside and out, and can pass that knowledge on to your own staff.

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