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How Deli Buffets Are Perfect For Corporate Lunches?

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Business gatherings have been prevalent, especially when it comes to bringing the ideas and opinions on the table in a positive way. No doubt, a business meeting with a lunch or dinner setup can also make the deal. So if you are considering having the same with any of your delegates, then a perfect menu will be the priority. And setting up catering menus for corporate lunch is one of the vital duties as an event organizer.

Definitely, such events cannot be handled in-house! So have you thought of hiring a professional who can arrange all the odds and evens for corporate lunch catering? But before you begin with the things, you need to consider a few variables. We’ve mentioned them below, let’s check them out!

  • What is the occasion type? Is it a formal meeting or a casual lunch?
  • What type of catering menu do you want to set? Plated, tiffin box, or a buffet?
  • How many guests are going to be there at the event?
  • Have you decided on any specific location for the event, or are you just hosting it in-house?

So accordingly, you have to determine the food type, budget, service options, and setup. Now, let’s move on to the most common corporate lunch catering options.

Always remember that every business delegate or client should always come first. So it is very much better to consider what options can be ideal as per their preferences as it will help you to make better decisions. Below we have listed the most preferred menu for business lunches.

Deli buffet setup

One of the best and popular options for a corporate lunch catering menu. It includes almost every appetizer or entrees that are easy to consume. Here, what you need to keep in mind are the gluten-free, vegetarian, or kosher picks. Here’s a brief sample of what a deli buffet menu sounds like!

  • Mix green or garden salad with dressings
  • Sandwich meats like fresh sliced Roasted Turkey, Black Forest Ham, and Roast Beef
  • Basket of freshly baked rolls, croissants, and other bread
  • Grilled Portobello Mushrooms and Chicken
  • Gourmet soups
  • Cold Side Salad
  • Extra condiments like tomatoes, olives, onions, lettuce, and fresh pickles
  • Dessert trays and assorted cookies

Wondering why you should go with deli buffets for your business lunch event?


With a buffet system, you can increase the range of food items that can be presented to the guests while it seems a bit reserved in terms of table service. Having different options, multiple cuisines, and preferences like vegetarian or kosher options can be made readily available. Also, corporate caterers like PJ’s Catering say that deli buffets are ideal as an organizer can explore more and more. And they can easily create as it is the same as you have pictured in your mind.

Mobile and modular

Usually, professionals who specialize in corporate lunch catering know how to assemble the items pleasingly, and that too in zero time. They creatively play with colors, sizes, and forms and change the overall look as per the organizer’s instructions. You can even request them to show some samples of their previous work.

Minimal costs

When you opt for a buffet system, it will gradually cut down the costs to a certain extent, especially when you compare it with a sit-down catering. Just give a thought to it! As we all know that the concept of self-service requires less space, fewer sheetings, less staff, and less tableware. Moreover, huge gatherings are also served in a brief time. So there’s no chance of waiting for extra, or either to stand in the queue. Plus, corporate lunch catering menus allow you to enjoy the event in a casual and welcoming ambiance.

So what are you waiting for? Let the buffet corporate lunch catering demonstrate lovely food offerings to your special delegates, and that too with minimum effort.

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