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How Gold Loan Differs From Bank To Bank?

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One of the most secured loan types is a gold loan where gold is kept as collateral. In this type of loan, the needy person pledges his/her gold with financier or bank to get a loan. People usually prefer gold so that it can be utilized in emergencies such as medical conditions, agricultural needs, a child’s education, or marriage. The best part about the gold loan is that it is one of the most reliable ways in which an individual can get the right loan amount without bothering about their credit history. As compared to other loan types, loan processing requires less paperwork. Also, people can secure a gold loan easily with the lowest gold interest rate on investment. There are many non-banking institutions, as well as banks that are promoting the concept of the gold loan with full enthusiasm. 

How can an individual avail the gold loan?

One of the most significant plus points of a gold loan is that this loan can be availed by any individual irrespective of their background. Adding to this is the fact that having a good credit score is of lesser importance. The loan is going to be disbursed based on the loan amount that is owned by the borrower. Furthermore, the interest rates that are being charged for gold loans are much more appealing when they are compared to a personal loan. When an individual applies for loans other than a gold loan, then the person is required to submit a long list of documents. The gold loan provider asks the individual for relatively fewer identity proof documents, and the individual can get a loan much faster here. 

Also, the borrower can get flexible with the repayment options. The borrower can also repay the loan in parts during the period of the gold loan. The borrower, though, needs to be careful that the loan should be repaid at the time of the closing date. If an individual is in a situation where he needs money in an emergency, then he/she can visit the gold loan provider. But, they need to be aware that they attend an authentic gold loan provider who has been in the business for several years. 

Some of the factors that an individual needs to research upon so that he/she can make an informed decision are:

Gold Loan Interest Rate – When an individual thinks of taking any loan, the first thought that crosses his/her mind is the interest that is required to be paid. This is one of the primary reasons why people fear taking the loan. Loan against gold is provided in many banks of India. 

Gold loan duration – Many banks provide loans for a minimum time of 6 to 8 months. There might be cases when the individual needs investment for a more extended period. 

Documentation requirement for Gold Loan – When an individual in need of a gold loan goes to the bank provider, a bunch of documents is required before proceeding. There is a long list of documents that the individual is supposed to submit to the bank. Once the papers are filed, a verification process is conducted by the bank. The process might get delayed a bit, and the individual can become frustrated.

Transparency and security Gold Loan – There might be times when the bank executives don’t give the individual correct information that is necessary to make the informed decision. They can try to confuse the customers just for the sake of completing their targets. Thus, an individual needs to research the trusted bank from where he/she can get a gold loan. 

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