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How Has Covid Pandemic Affected Online Gaming Industry

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The covid pandemic has brought about a massive change in our lifestyle. Masks, constant sanitizing, and social distancing became a way of life in the post-pandemic era. As the entire world waited indoors for things to get better, industries like hospitality, travel, and tourism, etc suffered immense losses. However, the gaming industry emerged as the dark horse by the end of the pandemic as more people took to the virtual world of games for keeping boredom and anxiety at bay. With more available time, people started playing hard-core games which were more time consuming, required high levels of skills and concentration. Read on to know about how the pandemic affected the gaming industry.

  • Lockdown Effect

The count of global online players of games from portals likeĀ agenslotoĀ increased considerably with the onset of Covid-19. As people were stuck in a home with no place to visit, they resorted to gaming as their only source of constant entertainment. Non-gamers over the age group of 40 also started taking a serious interest in gaming activities for keeping themselves occupied and staying stress-free.Ā 

  • Social Interaction

Multi-player games offered a great platform for interacting with players from around the globe. It also helped people bond more with their family as they played a game together for attaining common milestones. While adults could continue with their work routines and interact with peers through Zoom, children are not accustomed to this different form of interaction. However, they found a haven in the virtual world of online gaming where they could interact with new people and make friends in a fun way. 

  • More Free Time

Previously people used to take up gaming during weekends and holidays. This was because the working population enjoyed leaves during these days. Gaming was previously considered to be a leisure activity. The number of active gamers was substantially low during weekdays when children had to attend schools and elders had to work in offices. 

 But our daily routine changed completely during the pandemic. Working and studying from home offered us a lot of free time and this could be diverted to winning online games. Gamers could enjoy this free time during weekdays and this contributed significantly to the growth of gaming during this period. 

  • Mobile Gaming

As the whole world is slowly jumping onto the smartphone bandwagon, game manufacturers are offering the best games in mobile-friendly variants. As a result, people could engage in one-touch gaming to keep boredom at bay. The best thing about mobile games is that they consume fewer data and had fewer requirements compared to PC gaming. This lured in more people as they could play small rounds between work sessions. 

Final Words

The pandemic exposed the global population to strange and tasking times as numerous industries pulled down their shutters leading to job losses. As the future became more uncertain, the gaming industry was offered numerous opportunities and benefits. Home isolation led to various mental health issues as people could hardly interact with others. This added impetus to the demand for online gaming both amongst existing and new players. Meeting virtually with people around the globe kept up our spirits as we shared our problems and waited patiently for the hard times to pass. The gaming industry emerged with a greater share of the entertainment industry and a larger customer base throughout the pandemic. Although the gaming industry tasted greater success than the combined figures of the music and film industry even before the pandemic, its popularity reached record heights as people struck in a home searched for means of staying entertained. 

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