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How JetSmater Lets You Book a Private Jet Easily

by Soft2share.com

To fly is one thing, but flying private is a whole new luxurious experience in itself. However, what most people deem as a luxury only for the elites, is now affordable to the average lot as well. The exclusive membership program of JetSmarter has made private charted jets highly accessible and affordable like never before. It looks forward to ‘build the future of private air travel, so the world can experience aviation as it was meant to be’.

JetSmarter has made booking seats on a jet as easy and convenient as booking an Uber. Its app, which is available on every iOS and Android platform, allows you to book a jet within a few hours of departure. You can also avail exclusive jet deals in case of last minute bookings.

The company provides the customers with an option to fly a shared charter flight or a private one. It offers 4,000 free miles of flying every month. The members are charged an initiation fee of $3,000 in the beginning and then $9,000 every year for their annual membership.

JetSmarter allows the passengers to create shared/private flights on their own time and find seats on flights started by fellow members as well. It offers four products, namely, Charter Broking, Shared Charter, Shared Shuttles, and Jet Deals.

The option of Charter Broking allows one to book the entire jet. Using JetShuttle, the membership holders can find empty seats in private jets booked by other users. Apart from getting free seats on scheduled shuttle routes, they can also create their own flights between certain cities. The option of JetDeals provides free flights to different destinations from the most preferred cities of the members. The JetSmarter app keeps you updated about all the available Jet deals.

Shared Charter is an ideal option for the passengers who don’t want to pay for the whole plane. It allows you to create a flight and invites other users to buy empty seats through the JetSmarter app. Likewise, the option of Private Charter is apt for people who wish to fly solo. The private plane cost depends upon the flight timings in this case.

Currently, JetSmarter connects travellers to flights in around 50 markets, such as Chicago, Dubai, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, New York, Atlanta, London, Paris, Moscow, Milan, and various other business, leisure, or travel hubs.

Providing hassle-free travelling experience in shared charter flight as well as a private one, JetSmarter has emerged as a true disruptor in this space.

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