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How to Buy Paper for the Canon Pixus ip7500 Ink Cartridges

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Have you ever been in a car and saw a view so amazing that you just had to pull over and take a photo? Well, I do that all the time. My printer gets quite a workout printing all those lovely photos. But I don’t always use the best paper. My Canon Pixus ip7500 ink cartridges are great for printing photos and graphics but I needed some proper paper so I went on a “paper chase” to find the best paper for my purposes.



The paper that is made for inkjets is from high quality chemical pulp with no curling, good surface strength, smooth surface and dimensional stability. For the ink to take and not spread the paper has to have a sufficient and even porosity. Copy paper is good for low quality printing but for the quality I am looking for a higher grade paper with coating is necessary to print from my canon pixus ip7500 ink cartridges. When looking for the right paper we need to look at the quality in absorbency, brightness and weight.

Photo paper

Paper for photos is divided into glossy, semi-gloss, matte and semi-matte finishes. There is also a variety in thickness. There is an inexpensive light weight paper that is pretty much the same as the general copy paper used for all types of printing. The weight I am looking for to print my nice photos from my Canon Pixus ip7500 will have a thicker coating and quick drying properties on one side.


So am I an educated buyer? Well, I try to find out what I can do about what I am looking for so that I can make an educated decision. Doesn’t always work but at least, I come away learning something. Take for example, my quest to find the best outdoor pastime so that I am not always indoors. I looked at all the local clubs, went to visit them, received all the flyers and booklets on what they offered and happily went home to see if I could decide which one would be the best. A friend of mine rang me to join in a game of badminton at her local club as they were down one player. I went and lo and behold it was exactly what I was looking for. After all the searching and researching and finding out information the answer was right under my nose all the time. No, I didn’t take pictures to print using my Canon Pixus ip7500 ink cartridges.

Chasing Paper

To get back to the paper… I went online thinking that must be the best place to find my paper to print off my local photos… and was totally mesmerized by the variety of websites and places that I encountered. I am a more hands on type of person so I decided to go to the local shopping centre to see if I could find a variety of paper and prices that would suit me and to help me make a decision for my Canon Pixus ip7500 ink cartridges to work properly.

As I walked into the local shopping centre, there were so many people just standing around or sitting down. Then all of a sudden a flash mob begins… and I took out my camera of course! It was quite entertaining.

Finally, after a few minutes of distraction I was back on the paper chase to find the best paper I could find at a good price. Luckily, we have a good selection of shops that sell paper so I was able to do some research and then happily went to the local cafe to find myself a cup of coffee and go over the information I had gleaned on my paper chase.

  • Buying Paper
  • When buying paper there are some tips and tricks to remember:
  • Know what kind of ink you have in the printer (e.g. aqueous).
  • Understand the differences between the various paper weight and coatings.
  • Find a dealer who does not overcharge but will give you a fair price on the paper that you want.

Well, I eventually left the cafe and went back to a local trader who sold me the photo paper appropriate for my Canon printer and to get the best quality output from my Canon Pixus ip7500 ink cartridges. There are myriads of paper and manufacturers and traders but the best for you is the one that you are most comfortable with and that meets your needs. For me it was sticking to the brand name and understanding how to get the best out of the equipment and ink to produce the best product.

Using the printer to the best of its ability and getting the most out of the canon pixus ip7500 ink cartridges saves money and energy that might be wasted on trying to use products that are of less quality.

Author Bio:

Jacob Figueroa is a freelance writer and technical communicator interested in bringing the newest information on technology to the world. He has extensive experience with graphic designs and photo editing. His speciality is on printer technology and how to get the best out of your purchases especially the Canon Pixus ip7500 ink cartridges.

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