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How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Playwright and actor Jean Baptiste Poquelin ‘Moliere’ once said, “One is easily fooled by that which one loves.” We think that we can easily catch our partners if they ever lie to us or cheat on us as we know them inside out, but unfortunately, that is not true. Cheating is an art, and the people who are experts in it know how to deceive and consequently blind you.

Although paranoia can ruin relationships, there are times when paying heed to the gut feeling is the smart thing to do. Therefore, if you’ve become suspicious of your spouse lately and it’s giving you sleepless nights, confirm their fidelity through the help of a powerful spy app such as Mobistealth. It may not be morally or ethically correct, but it can bring you the answers you desperately seek.

Read Text and WhatsApp Messages

If your partner is cheating, then chances are they will be extra protective about their phone. If your significant other shows resistance when you even touch their phone, then it is a clear red flag for you. Just wait for them to take a shower or fall asleep so that you can check their text and WhatsApp messages.

Catch a Cheating Spouse

If this is something you can’t do, then it’s better to install a spying app on your partner’s device. There seems to be plenty of such apps around, like Mobistealth for instance, thus giving you a fair amount of choices. These apps hardly require a few minutes for installation and they carry out their work covertly. It’s best to go for an app that monitors text, as well as WhatsApp, MSN and Skype conversations, as your spouse may be using any or all of these channels to continue their illicit affair.

Check Call History

If your spouse wipes out call history of the device, then it means there is something or someone they don’t want you to know about. If they’re being careful about the privacy of their calls, it may become extremely difficult for you to catch a gist of what’s going on.

Fortunately, spying technology can help you in this regard, as some of the latest products in this area are capable of logging call logs immediately and sending them to you, thus making someone’s effort to hide their call details futile. If you notice too many calls to and from any number, something might be up.

Monitor Emails

Some people are extra smart when it comes to keeping affairs. They strictly stop their lovers to contact them on their phone, Skype or any social media channel. Instead, they rely on traditional mediums like Yahoo, MSN or Gmail for keeping in touch as these services have become overshadowed by contemporary communication mediums. So, do not forget to read the emails sent and received from your partner’s email account. You might come across something that could help you get a gist of what your spouse is up to behind your back.

Track Location

Cheating partners have thousands of excuses to satisfy you while they are having an affair with someone else. So, if your husband frequently comes late at night due to an unplanned get together with friends, coffee with the boss, a round of golf with an old friend, etc., then you need to look into the situation.

Women tends to lie better than men, so do not trust her words when she says that her car stopped on the way home, or she came across an old friend in a hotel, etc., especially when she feeds you such stories on frequent basis. You can’t obviously follow your significant other everywhere, but you can at least track their device to confirm whether they’re telling the truth or not.

Spying technology may have made it easier than ever to catch a cheating spouse, but it is also caused many misunderstandings. Never jump to conclusions despite finding your spouse’s activities suspicious. Keep giving them the benefit of doubt and talk to them about your suspicions to sort everything out instead of making outright accusations. Do whatever it takes to keep your marriage from falling apart.

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