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How To Choose A Dry Eye Mask For Sleeping?

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Modern peripheral devices are extremely harmful to the human eye. Vision problems significantly impair the quality of life, affect overall well-being, and require immediate solutions. In addition to the classic recommendations of doctors, the use of various pharmacological products, preventive measures and physiotherapeutic effects play a huge role. An indispensable accessory that allows you to preserve beauty and health is a dry eye heat mask or tourmaline components.

Features of masks

A dry eye mask for sleeping, jade or blended face mask is traditionally used to quickly relieve fatigue, redness and discomfort in the eye area. Everyone knows that stones have special healing properties, and if we are talking about tourmaline or jade, then it is worth focusing on the complex effect.

This means that by choosing the right mask, a person will not only be able to fully recover during the rest period, but also improve their own well-being, and strengthen their health at the global level. The main question remains – how to choose a dry eye mask for sleeping and relaxation, so that the benefits are as tangible as possible. 

Recommendations for choosing a product

Despite the fact that dry eye masks for sleeping with jade, tourmaline or ceramics are focused on healing, these products cannot be considered universal. When choosing an accessory, you should focus on your own needs and wishes, as well as adequately assess the potential of the masks in general. Here are the main points to watch out for:

    • Material. Quality products are made on the basis of strong natural textiles. A prerequisite for such accessories is that the skin around the eyes must breathe. In addition to good breathability, hypoallergenic indicators are important for the mask. It is natural materials that have optimal indicators of hygroscopicity, and also do not cause irritation.
    • Design and color. In fact, the appearance does not affect the recovery in any way. If you are going to use the accessory all the time, and travel often, then the attractiveness of the mask will still matter. Pay attention to the integrity of the overall concept, whether the product looks organic, including you. Examine the quality of the seams, the strength indicators, the neatness and appropriateness of the entire accessory.
    • Filling. In addition to tourmaline, jade ceramics or electric, the mask should be comfortable to wear. It is desirable that it should be easy to control and also be natural and allow air to pass freely. 
  • Fastening is an attribute responsible for the comfort of the product during active use. Each manufacturer has its own version: ribbons, dense elastic bands, or even several combinations at once. The ribbons are not suitable for girls with long hair; during rest, curls can curl up. A good alternative: wide elastic bands with retainers. Ideal if they allow you to additionally fix the length.  

It is recommended to additionally look after the cover for the mask. If the product does not come with a protective part in the kit, you need to purchase it separately. If the mask will often travel with you, this must be done. So you can protect it from damage and keep the product clean and tidy.

And the last, most important and obvious rule: buy an eye mask for dry eyes for medical and health purposes only from trusted sellers. There are many online sites where you can checkout many models for every taste and request.

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