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How to choose comfortably gurney mattress ?

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A gurney mattress is a critical component in case the patients are transferred a lot. Hence, proper research should be done before buying one.

A gurney mattress comes in different shape and design based on its application and capabilities. A Hospital Gurney is used in the OR/ER facility, post-anesthesia care unit, ICU critical care unit, and radiology among other aspects. Choosing a high-quality gurney mattress is critical for the safety of patients and to enhance the medical staffs’ familiarity during emergencies where quick call to action is required.

As there are different types of gurneys for various purposes, the gurney mattress you choose must comply with the specific purpose. Hence, there are various aspects to consider when looking for the most comfortable gurney mattress.

1 Material

First and foremost, you must consider the material of the gurney mattress before buying one. Gurney mattresses come in various materials. From latex to foam center, spring curls, flexible foam and what not, there are plenty of materials available using, which a gurney mattress can be composed. The material you choose will largely depend on what you want to accomplish with your gurney mattress. The material needs to be soft yet sturdy enough to accommodate any patient. Moreover, it must also be capable of daily wear and tear.

2 Know your requirements

Remember, you are buying a gurney mattress keeping in mind that the gurney will move a lot from one place to another. Hence, the mattress must be comfortable and supportive at the same time. You need to pick a mattress as per your requirements. For example, a bariatric mattress is intended towards providing comfort and support to patients who are overweight or corpulent. On the other hand, a foam mattress is designed to distribute the patient’s weight evenly to prevent bedsores. Hence, you need to buy a gurney mattress based on the type of patient you are caring for that includes their requirements.

3 Set a budget

There are plenty of models available for gurney mattresses all with different features, design, and rates. You must understand that hospital grade mattresses are not cheap as they offer a whole host of features and functionalities than your conventional home mattresses. So first, you need to decide what type of mattress you want and then set a budget. You will see different designs within the same type of mattress; so choose one that fits your budget. Most importantly, you must purchase from a trusted brand or manufacturer because the quality of the mattress will significantly depend on the brand you choose.

4 Check the guarantee

Gurney mattresses offered by established brands and manufacturers come with a warranty. Gurney mattresses should boast long-term guarantees. Since you are investing a lot in a gurney mattress, it must have the capacity to last for a decent amount of time. The mattress must be water resistant, wear and tear resistant, and must boast all the qualities of a hospital bed mattresssuch as moisture-resistant, no pressure points, and thermal conductivity among others.

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