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How to Create Your Own Email Newsletter

by Soft2share.com

Subscribe email-messages – it is a very effective way to communicate with customers.¬†This article gives an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčhow the email-marketing, and introduces you to the basic elements for building your first email-newsletter.



  • Preparing for newsletter
  • The best services for the conduct of mailing
  • Types of mailings

5 steps to create your first Email-mailing

  1. Select the appropriate e-mail service provider:I strongly recommend not to send emails with hidden copies, and either use a professional email-marketer, or independently, using special email-services (See below. “Selecting a service for mailing”).¬†You can either hire a designer who would make you a template Email-mails, or use templates, which provides mail service provider.
  2. Learn the basics, if you plan to do it yourself: Please take some time to explore the best examples of rules and implementation of such mailing. Mass mailing of e-mails without the knowledge of the rules may lead to a breach of the law on spam and pay a fine.
  3. Conquer recognition on the Internet:It can be a website or blog. You need a place where you want to send the buyer when he clicks on a link in your letter. Nowadays, you can create a simple website / blog for very little money.
  4. Define the objectives and strategy until it becomes to run your first website: Determine what your goals will serve as distribution, to whom it is sent, and what you want to achieve in such a marketing ploy.
  5. Assemble the base of the recipients of the message: You need to create a list of people who have given their consent to contact them through e-mails and on a certain topic.¬†Below is a section of such resolutions “ask permission”, where the topic is discussed in more detail.

Select service for organizing E-mail newsletters

One of the first decisions you have to take before sending e-mails – is the choice of service for email-marketing.

I spent a lot of time researching different services to choose the best of them. Here are a few tools for email-marketing, which I now can recommend to create an independent campaign for the delivery of letters.

  • Unis Ender

Very easy to use service, with which you can start. It is also easy to organize and conduct an independent campaign. They have a lot of ready-made templates and tools to start. I even words cannot describe how easy it is to use UniSender. You can monitor and evaluate the delivery of letters without any extra cost! Prices start at 15 cents per letter, now a special offer free test drive.

  • Epochta

Has an amazing set of features (such as voice mail, the ability to create surveys, mailing list archives and event management), and all this at no extra charge. Prices are really competitive. Epochta make their own programs to work with mailing lists, as well as have the opportunity to send letters not only on regular mail, but also by SMS. First came to their website, the eyes diverge slightly from a large selection crumbl cookie promo code

  • SmartResponder

Now I use SmartResponder, because they have a lot of positive reviews and reasonable prices. In the end, I signed up. I must admit that I am still impressed with the service and customer support. In general, they are well taken care of, so you can immediately get used to the interface and start working.

Analysis of successful marketing Email-campaign

Here are some of the main components of a successful email-mailing

  • From: Who are you

Make sure that you use a recognizable name for the recipient, as your potential readers simply delete e-mail, if they do not know the sender.¬†You can use your real first and last name, company name or brand, if they are recognizable.¬†The selected sender’s name, do not change, and use each time you send a letter within a given email-campaign.

  • Subject: make sure that your letter is opened

This is the most important part of the message, so make it short and sweet (40 characters or less). You only have three seconds to the recipient decided to open or delete the email, so make the subject line, it is important to make an attractive offering to obtain greater benefits and still: do not use all the letters in the more registers or a lot of exclamation points !!!

  • Message content

Message in email-newsletter should be clear, concise and understandable, focused on the benefits that the recipient will receive an email and create a sense of urgency decision.

Call to Action

Call to action involves the steps that you would like to come a client.¬†Many people still use the words “click here”, but certainly there are more creative approaches.¬†Whatever you do, do it clearly and simply, with little commitment or no, stimulate and offering a reward for action.¬†Also, do not forget to give a link to unsubscribe to receive mail.

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