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How to Decide Between Android Phone and IOS Phone?

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When it comes to selecting the smartphone, you can get many brands. Some people choose Android while some go for iPhone devices. Well, it is the major discussion to choose between Android and iPhone as both of them have useful features for the common man.

This article will point out the features of Android and iPhone and the differences between them. You can then select the one that suits your lifestyle and budget.

1. Camera

Most of the people first look at the camera while choosing the phone. You can get ample phones giving the best quality images. They include Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. But Apple phones win in this race.

The cameras of the iPhone are easier to use than Android devices. On the other hand, Android phones have both good and bad camera features.

2. Storage space

You have a lot of data on your phone. They include images, photos, videos, files, and folders. Android phones have larger storage space than iPhones. Apart from that, the cloud storage of Android works better than iCloud. So, it is Android that becomes the winner here.

3. Voice assistants

You must have been using Google Assistant to search for maps and use other applications like calendar and so on. Google Assistant is better in every sense than the Siri tool. It is because Google Assistant helps you to make appointments and fix meetings. On the other hand, Siri has basic features, unlike Google Assistant. So, the Android phones win here.

4. Security factor

It is no doubt to say that Apple phones are safer to use than Android phones. While the top mobile brands in India like Samsung still use the old software, the phones of Apple have modern software.

In addition to that, Android phones are vulnerable to malware. On the other hand, Apple phones use features such as Face ID and Touch ID for privacy.

5. Simple to use

If you want simple phones with an easy user interface, Android phones win the race. The home screen setup of Android hones is easier than iPhones. Apart from that, they provide good flexibility which you cannot find in iPhones.

6. Email apps

You can easily setup email accounts in Android phones but not in iPhones. It is easier to set up many email accounts and view them all on one screen while working. On the other hand, the Apple hones have complex processes to set up multiple email accounts on one screen. So, the winner becomes the Android.

7. Regular updates

Android phones do not send regular updates to users. On the other hand, Apple sends you regular notifications and software updates. Apart from that, the phones of Apple use the latest security solutions. So, the winner becomes Apple.

Final words

It is still a deep debate to choose between Android and IOS phones. You can choose the phone according to the features, budget, and need. According to me, I think that Apple wins the race.

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