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Study How to Delete Watermark in PDF Document With Best Techniques

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Summary: This workaround will display all the methods possible in removing the watermark from document files. Here, we will be discussing how to delete watermark in PDF file? There will be various methods provided for watermark removal in PDF files. You can select the best that suits you the most.

A PDF with a watermark adds more security to it from other online users getting it modified. You can have a number of methods in which a watermark could be added on a PDF document. You can view various procedures to add a watermark on PDF files.

On the other side, many users feel uneasiness with the watermark added on a document. Thus he/she wishes to extract watermark from PDF so that the data is visible clearly. There could be other reasons as well, which are discussed in the coming sections. Now we shall move to the set of techniques available to erase Watermark from PDF.

How to Delete Watermark in PDF? – Various Removal Methods

There are various procedures in extracting a watermark from a document file. Some of the popular and comparatively easy methods are mentioned below:

  • Convert PDF to Word & Remove Watermark
  • Use Adobe Acrobat (Full version)
  • Try SysTools PDF Watermark Remover

There is one more method available, i.e., to write down the whole content again. This method fails for the user who has a large number of pages in PDF file. The users can try this method if they have only 2-3 pages in the watermarked PDF file.

We will be discussing the step by step procedure for whole techniques. So let’s get started.

How to Delete Watermark in PDF with the Word Conversion Technique?

In this process, you need to convert the PDF file into word. Then, the watermark is extracted from the word file. This process could be accomplished through two ways

  1. Upload PDF to Google Docs and convert to word document
  2. Convert PDF to Word file with any Online free tool

1# While uploading to the Google docs, perform the process to get it converted to word

  • Upload the PDF file and Open it
  • Click on File menu >> Download as >> Microsoft Word (.docx)
Convert PDF file to Word

2# For converting PDF to word with a free online tool, Search for any Free PDF to Word converter, and perform the steps below:

  • Upload the PDF file and click on Convert
  • Click on Download File

With this, the PDF file will be converted to Word document. Then you need to perform the below steps

  1. Open the file in MS Word
  2. Go to Design tab >> Watermark, under Page Background section
  3. Choose Remove Watermark option
  4. Save the file in PDF format

This is one way of extracting a watermark from document files. Move down to see the rest coming.

How to Delete Watermark in PDF with Adobe Acrobat DC?

Adobe Acrobat is the fundamental organization that deals with the PDF file. Though nowadays there are many more who can work on PDFs. So to remove watermark from PDF file, you need to purchase the full version or say a subscription plan. This is said so because the full version purchased has to be renewed after a particular time interval.

Steps to Erase Watermark from PDF File

  • Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Click on Edit option
Edit Option
  • Select Watermark >> choose Remove Watermark option
Remove Watermark option
  • Click Yes option on the appeared dialog box
Click Yes to erase watermark
  • Save the PDF file

This process is very easy to perform, but you will need to perform this task for every PDF file with watermark added. If you contain only 7- 8 PDF file, This process is the best that suits you. Now we shall move to the next method and view how to delete watermark in PDF files.

How Can I Remove Watermark from PDF Document Professionally?

SysTools PDF Watermark Remover is a professional tool that efficiently removes the watermark set on an Adobe PDF file. The multi-professional application can eliminate text and image watermarks from multiple PDF files. The watermark set by Adobe Acrobat can easily be demolished without damaging the PDF content.

Download button

You can delete watermark from PDF document through the following steps performed:

  1. Download, Install & Run PDF Watermark Remover
  2. Choose the Open PDF option
  3. Click on Add Files and browse PDF files
  4. Browse a storage location to save watermark removed PDF files
  5. Press the Start button

This will remove all the watermark added on PDF files and create a fresh new PDF file, ready to edit, copy, and print. This option will be suitable for users who are not technically sound and don’t have much time to work on the watermark deletion process.

Now we move down the section to know the reasons to which the users started searching the query of how to delete watermark in PDF. Also, some queries which clearly demonstrate the requirement to erase watermark from PDF document.

Why Delete Watermark in PDF File?

There can be various reasons for a different user to remove a watermark from a PDF file. Some of them that we have found are mentioned below

  • User not able to clearly read the document due to watermark
  • Watermark restrict the document fro getting updated, usual for development site documentation
  • A personal edit becomes cumbersome

Some real-time user queries that prove the above statements to be correct are


Hi, I’m facing difficulty in reading a PDF file. Some of the phrases are covered with the watermark added on it. I’m not able to read the whole data. I’m doing research and this file can provide me well on my research. How can I remover watermark from PDF? Can anyone help me out in this?


I have to edit a PDF file created. It contains the documentation of my project work. My professor has guided me to do some changes in this. At time of creation, I added a watermark so that it is not copied by any of my classmates. It was my final submission, so didn’t keep any plain copies of it with me. Now I require to remove the text watermark I set on it to edit the PDF. Please suggest a method to resolve. I used MS Word to create a PDF file.


In this problematic write-up, we have covered how to delete watermark in PDF. We have discussed various methods that easily deals with the problem and easily remove watermark from PDF. Also, we have mentioned the situations where the methods are suitable and where they limit to difficulty. Hope you can now easily erase the watermark from PDF by your own using the procedure among the above ones.

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