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How To Develop a Social Networking App

by Soft2share.com

Since the advent of Facebook, social networking has grown in leaps and bounds to include Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others. The good news is that with the right resources, you can fulfill your desire of owning a social networking app in these simple steps;

Know Your Target Audience

Before developing a social media networking app, you must first determine the values and parameters you want to promote or a problem you want to solve in society. Once your vision is clear, you can establish the social media networking app on firm ground by knowing your target audience, which will help minimize the possibility of failure later.

There are two ways you can decide your target audience;

Conduct an Online Research

Things are now much easier since you can conduct your research at the click of a button while sitting in your living room. The internet allows you to discover, gather and analyze data, psychographics, demographics, and behavioral traits of large groups of people. Although time-consuming, online mobile app development research is cheap and straightforward.

Testing and learning

Albeit expensive, the testing and learning approach is much more effective and reliable than online research. First, you need to get a demo version up and running, release it to real people, then study them for a time. This method demands that you get test subjects, hire some support staff, come up with interview questions and get the necessary testing equipment.

Map Out User-based Growth Strategy

No matter how optimistic you are, the social networking space is full of stiff competition and unless you are providing a unique solution to a problem, start small to lower the risk of failure. You already defined your target audience in step one, and now its time to make them aware of your services, albeit at a smaller scale.

There are two ways around this:

Start Small

Start small and gradually increase your reach. Developing a social networking app needs business acumen, and a good investor takes calculated risks. Some social media companies like Zuckerberg’s Facebook started small with only a handful of users to become today’s big social media giants. Consequently, simple but effective app development instruments should start you off.

Go Big

If you did your math well, you could decide to go all out, especially if you are offering something no one else is currently selling in the market. If not, expect stiff competition from other existing and tech startups.

Ensure That Your Social Media Networking App Meets This Development Criteria

By now, you must have established the target audience, a development strategy, and have an idea of how the features and the interface should look. Ensure you have the following before summoning the developers;

A Development Platform

Choose a suitable development platform. The technological world is currently gravitating towards no-code software development with more than enough options for social networking apps. Here are a few examples,

SaaS Solution

The SaaS platform offers several options, including Disciple, which offers immediate usability and functional features, helpful in developing your social community across the mobile and the web. In addition, it offers great customization and monetization preferences.

Open-Source Software

The open-source often comes in free and premium options, which you can download and configure into your server. You will get flexible customization options, although you will pay for hosting and not benefit from customer support services or automated software updates.

The Budget

Although social network app development price is unfixed, expect to part with anything between 35000 and 50000+ dollars for an app like Facebook.

Use a Simple and Minimal User Interface Design

Go for a design that will improve the user experience. A cluttered or too hard to use user interface is a big turnoff. Keep it minimal and simple. People hate it when they have to put extra effort into discovering features in the interface.

A standard UI design should have a comment section, a news feed, chat option features, a social group toggle, setup page design, connect and engagement buttons.

Promotion and Monetization

Once you lay your hands on the final product, you should adapt the AIDA marketing method based on desire, attention, interest, and action. Your monetization efforts include advertising through brand mentions, sponsored posts, banners, and sponsorships. Other methods are participating in affiliate programs, donations, and event organizing.


Social networking app development is now much more convenient than ever. Determine your target audience, map out a user-based growth strategy, ensure you have a development platform and enough financing to create your social networking app. Lastly, have a simple but engaging user interface, promote and monetize your app after development.

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