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How to find and interact with B2B on Twitter

by Soft2share.com

Twitter is a great and free way to promote your brand, services, products, events and more. Not only this, but it allows your business to participate in conversations with prospective customers, other businesses and users in the B2B space.


  • Following relevant Hashtags

This is great for seeking specific conversations, for example: #marketing will contain a tonne of business-related content which would be useful influencers for your business. One of the most convenient ways of staying on top of your hashtags is to designate easily accessible columns within your social dashboard. Hashtags will also help you get your tweets more widely noticed if you use them wisely.

  • Finding potential customers

On Hoot suite and many other social media dashboards you can type into the search box phrases that match the services you offer, or potential businesses you already know about, comb through the results and you are on your way to finding your potential customers.You can also use your location to find relevant customers using the geo target symbol found on most social media dashboards. This will filter your specific search to just the city you are based in, so it is useful if you want to find those that are in your local area.

Do’s& Don’ts of communicating with potential customers:


-Retweet useful information – great way to show your appreciation and it can break the ice!
-Give useful replies and responses – this is where you can show off your knowledge & expertise
-Ask genuine questions – good way of creating mutual relationships & you’re likely to get a response
-Compliment them on specific parts of their business – politeness goes a long way


-Sell directly to them – this will put them off and shows unprofessionalism
-Ask them to do too much too soon – don’t forget they are strangers to you and your business
-Ask them to follow you back – patience is key, once they do, that’s when you can start interacting
-Seem as though you are begging – you don’t want to seem desperate!

Networking is an essential part of the social media sphere, done right and you will see the results.

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