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How to Find Out the Right Wig Manufacturers and Suppliers for Your Wig Store?

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Wigs are used not only for hiding a receding hairline but may also be used as a fashion statement. There are medical wigs made for those who have lost hair due to specific treatments. The artificial hair and wig industry is growing at a reasonable rate as it is catering to such versatile requirements.

If you plan to venture into this space, this article will be of help to you. Even if you have a store already in place, you might find some tips here that might help you with some positive changes.

Finding the right Synthetic wig manufacturers and suppliers of wigs for your store is the most crucial aspect for the success of your business.

Why is finding a proper wig manufacturer relevant?

  • Quality of products
  • Costing
  • Good designs and style

For a business to sustain quality products and reasonable pricing is crucial. Finding a supplier who offers both is important. The versatility of products ensures better clientele. Besides, you need a manufacturer that will provide you with a variety of material options as well as designs and combinations.

What are the important considerations while choosing a supplier?

Availability of Large Stock

For a business, securing bulk stock is essential. Supplying quality products as per your deadlines is critical. Readily available stock makes it more accessible.

Customised Services

If you are catering to a specific set of clientele, customisation is essential. Your supplier should be able to supply products made as per your reference photos.

Quality Materials

Use of premium quality materials is significant to make sure that your clients keep on coming back to you.

Quick delivery

The quick, reliable and efficient delivery system is fundamental to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly. A supplier providing a fast turnaround time is what you should be looking at.

Easy Transactions

Transactions should be transparent, and the ordering system quick and hassle-free. A hassle-free buying experience is what is essential to keep everything running smoothly.

Consignment Tracking

Most of the suppliers have an online system for tracking your shipment. It ensures that tracking information is available anytime and anywhere when you need it.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is another vital factor while choosing your manufacturer. 

What are the sources available for you to choose from?

Online Sources

You can find good sources online if you do a little bit of research. Most of the best players in the market with a good reputation will have their products listed on their websites. Apart from this, there are also several affiliate marketing channels that you can look for on the internet.

You can always visit the wholesale wig manufacturer’s websites to check out their products. The sites usually have all the details of the available products with their pictures and prices.

There are quite a few websites that will give you a list of some of the best suppliers. Always check out various sites to create your list of potential sources.

There are rating websites available where you will be able to read reviews of the different suppliers. You can get a fair idea about the suppliers and the pricing and quality of the products available with them.

Always give a trial run. Place a small order initially to see the quality of the products is spot on and as per your requirement and whether the pricing is justifiable for the styles and quality offered.

Trade shows

There are trade shows organised often, and you can check out the new suppliers who have something unique to offer at such places. These make a good option as such shows allow manufacturers and suppliers to showcase their styles and designs. It is an excellent place to get an idea about the latest techniques and models, as well as fair pricing.

Business Directories

You can also have a look at business directories for information on suppliers and manufacturers. You will get all the details about their location, online source, or names and address of the physical store. Apart from this, you will also find information about wholesalers from related magazines and such other sources.


The best source of all is your good old brick-and-mortar shop if you have one in the vicinity. You will be able to visit the store to gauge the quality of the products available. 

While choosing your supplier, look for good return policy in case of discrepancies and a good reputation backing the manufacturer. These are a few of the things that you can keep in mind while choosing.

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