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How to get employment visa for UAE

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a global economic center today. People from round the world fly to Dubai for career advancement and fill out vacancies in highly competitive industries. The number of employment opportunities here surpass even to that in U.S.A which is the greatest breakthrough. For those seeking work visa for UAE, process involves finding one within the region, have your employer fill out basic paperwork and file work visa application with UAE immigration services. Nevertheless, finding a job isn’t easy especially when you’re an offshore applicant but it’s not entirely impossible. Check out a few steps to get hold of employment visa!

How to get employment visa for UAE

  1. Look for job openings in the field of construction, architecture, engineering, real estate and more creative opportunities in digital marketing and media agencies. The pace at which UAE’s developing, you’re likely to find excellent employment in real estate, construction, and architecture as all contributes much towards expansion.
  2. Hunt for jobs that promote teaching English as a second language. Such jobs not just sponsor work visa but offer free airfare, provide accommodations and housing till contract expires. Many such opportunities are a step towards westernization and you may easily find such jobs online or through social media platform.
  3. Obtain a valid national passport once securing position in a firm. You must surrender this national passport to employer as a means to enter UAE and as a visa processing Valid passport issued by your country of birth or present citizenship should’ve at-least one blank page, six months validity that activates the moment you enter the regions. It shouldn’t have any stamp form Israel. Upon travelling with dependants, each should have his own valid national passport.
  4. Obtain records or transcripts of your qualification for the position you’re about to accept in UAE. This can be done with academic records, transcripts or letter from your previous employer that outlines our training, experience and qualifications to date!
  5. Gather all essential documents you might need at the time to avoid inconvenience. When travelling with your spouse, you need to carry marriage certificate for UAE that bestows work visa along with temporary residency visa for your partner as well.
  6. Female employees having children while accepting employment in UAE should furnish a notarised letter or any documentation of approval from child’s father.


Ensure your employer filed correct paperwork for work visa because it’s his part of the duty, not the applicant’s.

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