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How to Get the Best Two Wheeler Loan Rates?

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In today’s hectic lifestyle, all of us very well know the importance of owning a 2-wheeler as a mode of transportation. However, not all of you might be in a position to afford one. Two-wheeler loans are a life-saver in such circumstances. Instead of relying on public transportation for your day-to-day commuting needs, you can buy your dream two-wheeler by availing a loan. If you are looking for the best two-wheeler loan rates, here are a few tips that can help you through. 

Amount of Loan-

There are a lot of factors to consider before opting for a loan such as the amount of the loan you are about to take. The more the amount is, the higher will be the bike loan interest rates and vice versa. Although there are other factors too that decide the interest rates, the amount of the loan that you wish to avail plays a key role. 


Just like any other loan like personal loan or home loan, the tenure of the two-wheeler loan too plays an important role in deciding the interest rate that you eventually have to pay in the long run. If you opt for a longer period of time, you might not have to pay a huge sum of money for each EMI, but then you have to pay a nominal extra fee every time. This fee will eventually cost more than the amount you would have had to pay for a loan with a shorter tenure. So, two wheeler loans with a shorter tenure are a better option if you are looking for the best rates. 

Credit Rating-

This is a very important factor that is considered by lenders when approving your bike loan. You might have heard that it is important to have a good credit score for a lot of financial transactions. Indeed, it is true and having a good credit score will help you to save a lot of money in every aspect. The higher your credit score is, the lesser you would have to pay as the interest. So, make sure to maintain a good credit score.

Your Monthly and Annual Income-

Your income depicts whether you will be able to pay the two-wheeler loan on time and it gives an idea about your financial situation according to which you will be assigned a loan rate. The more your income is, the better is the loan rate you’ll be able to get.

You Job Profile-

The kind of job you do will also affect the two-wheeler loan rates. When you apply for a loan, your profile is scrutinized. People with government jobs and farmers are often assigned low interest rate rather than self-employed or private sector employees. This factor is something that you can’t change, but it is something that you should be aware of.


EMIs are also a crucial factor that can affect your loan interest rate. Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) are directly related to the tenure of the bike loan and any change in either of them will affect the interest rate that you will have to pay at last. If your EMI is high, then you will have to pay it in 2-3 instalments and vice versa.

Financial Statements-

Your financial statements give the company an idea about your income and it tells them whether you are capable of repaying a two-wheeler loan easily or not. If you have a good amount of money as your bank balance, then you might get a good loan rate. Also, If you have a higher credit score, the lesser you would have to pay as the interest. So, make sure to maintain a good credit score.

Hope the above-discussed points would have given you a fair idea about two-wheeler loans and how you can get the best rates. Ensure that you get loan quotes from different lenders and compare all of them based on all aspects before shortlisting one. Assess all the above-listed factors carefully while applying for a loan and avail a two-wheeler loan that offers the best of all.

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